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Millennials and microlearning

By Oz Hussein on May 23, 2017

Less traditional methods of workplace training are becoming increasingly popular within organisations worldwide. Millennials are the future of the workplace so it is becoming more and more important to offer Millennials training in order to allow them to excel within their role and embody them with the right skills for the future. Millennials have different […]

What UK workers look for in workplace leadership

By Oz Hussein on May 19, 2017

Due to the uncertainty of the UK’s post-Brexit future, UK workers are searching for simple workplace leadership to set the route for a currently unknown destiny. Faced with the ever-growing speed of progressive companies, businesses require secure and direct workplace leadership to steer their uncertain future going forwards. Businesses that are on the forefront of […]

How utilising information results in better commercial decision making

By Oz Hussein on May 15, 2017

With hundreds of hours of video footage being added to YouTube each minute, and with even more information being generated within the previous two years than in the complete history of mankind, you don’t have to search for very long to discover a mind-boggling fact or information. We’re all conscious that information is already having […]

How your workplace will benefit from hiring Millennials

By Oz Hussein on May 12, 2017

Millennials are the future of the workplace and empowering them with workplace training is a great way to help with their development, ensuring they become a strong addition to the workforce. Although it can seem intimidating to offer Millennials training as opposed to hiring someone from an older generation with more experience, Millennials have strong […]

Attracting and retaining new talent and opportunities in 2017

By Oz Hussein on May 9, 2017

The future of your company depends on who is going to be your future C-suite employees. So attracting new talent to your business is imperative to later success. Additionally, retaining those new employees holds great importance. The Harvard Business review found that nearly “33% of new hires look for a new job within their first […]

What effect will virtual reality have on workplace training?

By Oz Hussein on May 9, 2017

Like anything to do with big business, from financial technology transforming banks to artificial intelligence making an impact to customer service over a variety of different sectors, if there’s an issue, the technology sector has an answer. Virtual reality has the ability to change workplace training in nearly any shape, even expanding more widely to […]

The benefits of workplace training and development

By Oz Hussein on May 8, 2017

Workplace training is a great way to improve your employee’s commercial skills, and it can be an essential part of an organisation’s success. To show how workplace training can improve your office, we’ve made a list of the positive outcomes… Employee knowledge Workplace training can improve an employee’s overall performance, employees who receive additional training […]

How to spot a future leader

By Oz Hussein on May 5, 2017

A company’s ability to succeed long-term largely depends on the business leaders. That’s why choosing your future leader holds such importance. Identifying your future leaders early on is imperative, as this gives you the chance to offer them workplace training to nurture their skills and create a loyal employee. The total cost of retaining and […]

Workplace leadership is the key to guiding you through uncertainty

By Oz Hussein on April 24, 2017

Great leaders within an organisation are the difference between sinking or swimming when it comes to navigating uncertainty – something particularly relevant with the likes of Brexit still high on every organisation’s priority list. But how can you prepare your future decision makers, and embody them with the vital commercial skills necessary turn your employees […]

The importance of improving commercial skills for employees within the financial sector

By Oz Hussein on April 24, 2017

Commercial skills are an essential attribute for employees within almost every business, but particularly for those in the financial sector, or those wishing to progress through the ranks. One thing’s for sure, in today’s less certain environment, strong commercial skills can be the difference between success and failure. Commercial skills help employees to gain a […]

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