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Implementing financial services training to reduce the skills gap

By Oz Hussein on August 16, 2018

The financial services sector is currently facing a skills shortage which is consequently causing financial services directors to lose sleep over concerns for the future. With increased regulatory controls, changing new business processes and changes to employee training slated as the key concerns for the majority of worried financial services managers, businesses need to find […]

Implementing workplace leadership training to avoid damaging morale

By Oz Hussein on August 9, 2018

When considering the workforce, employee morale is probably one of the most fragile elements. So easily broken and taking many years to build up, managers have the capability of preserving this delicate balancing act or destroying it in one fell swoop. Not only can poor management technique and a company inability to manage morale damaging […]

How can commercial skills training support graduates?

By Oz Hussein on August 8, 2018

A recent survey revealed a clear divide between the skills that graduates consider to be essential to entrepreneurship and those which employers regard as valuable. Increasingly, business leaders are finding that their fresh-faced graduates are entering their respective industries without the essential commercial skills required to excel in their career and become an effective leader. […]

How micromanaging destroys your workforce

By Oz Hussein on July 24, 2018

Whilst we all feel compelled to monitor the behaviours and activities of our employees, it’s important to establish trust and understanding with them too. Micromanaging is the act of trying to control every aspect of an activity, and by doing this you could very well be damaging your workforce and the wider business performance. Micromanaging […]

Boosting your businesses commercial skills capability

By Oz Hussein on July 19, 2018

Commercial skills have never been more in demand than now. The world is changing and business sectors are blurring, meaning that these essential skills are required across a broad range of roles, management levels and industry types., in order to maintain business competitiveness. Human resource is the most expensive and most valuable resource for any […]

Making your Millennials training more effective

By Oz Hussein on July 13, 2018

Millennials learn and work in a completely different way from their predecessors. Therefore, businesses need to be clued up on what learning trends and strategies will be more effective when considering how to train their Millennial staff. Without effective training, that is geared and designed towards offering Millennials the optimum learning experience, businesses will quickly […]

Microlearning for managers

By Oz Hussein on July 10, 2018

When we consider microlearning we may instinctively think about how this can be integrated into the daily life of employees, however, there is a considerable benefit to managers in utilising the microlearning approach themselves. Whether it’s brushing up on conducting interviews or quickly refreshing subject knowledge through an online ‘how-to’ video, micro-learning is great for […]

How can companies inspire graduates to pursue a role in wealth management?

By Oz Hussein on July 9, 2018

With a wealth of Millennial and Gen Z talent entering the workplace, businesses are fighting to attract the top of the talent pool to join their ranks. Where private banking and finance companies are seeking fresh faces to become wealth managers, they must be able to effectively promote the prospects of the job and ensure […]

Which HR trends are up-and-coming in 2018?

By Oz Hussein on July 6, 2018

HR is crucial to the success of any business with employees proving to be one of the highest costs to a company, it is important to make sure recruitment, retention, development and employee well-being strategies are airtight. From ensuring workplace training which regularly develops skills and experiential training that puts your employees in a position […]

How does poor workplace training affect your business and workforce?

By Oz Hussein on June 30, 2018

It’s a well-known fact that your workforce will perform their best when they are properly trained and motived. When everyone understands their duties and how to effectively carry these out, workforce morale is typically much higher and therefore the importance of effective workplace training, cannot be overemphasised. It is important for employers to understand the […]

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