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Improving ROI on experiential learning

By Oz Hussein on October 16, 2018

It’s not always easy and straightforward to prove ROI for training. Many senior managers will still believe that training is a waste of time and experiential learning is no exception. With the training requiring employees to take time out of their regular scheduled work to undertake the training, ROI must be proven. Regardless of the […]

How can workplace leadership address bullying?

By Oz Hussein on October 9, 2018

Workplace bullying can result in a hugely demotivated workforce, whether the conflict is occurring between employees or managers, it can result in a significantly negative impact. Studies have been conducted to assess the links between authentic leadership skills and workplace bullying to establish if a manager awareness levels will determine if bullying is more likely […]

How does experiential learning encourage creativity

By Oz Hussein on October 3, 2018

Experiential learning is great for encouraging an alternative way of approaching problems and learning from experiences. Omitting the traditional textbooks and whiteboards, businesses have now adoptive approaches which integrate the use of technology, gadgets and interactivity. Removing learners from confining classroom spaces and repetitive ways of studying can transform attitudes and produce exceptional employees who […]

How can experiential learning benefit your graduate employees?

By Oz Hussein on September 24, 2018

Some of the biggest companies around the world are opting to implement experiential training, utilising technology to help employees learn across a range of industries. The method of learning allows employees to undergo hands-on experiences and receive customised training which has been recognised as building emotional and social intelligence. Our experiences as employees, both inside […]

How can experiential learning help with decision making?

By Oz Hussein on September 20, 2018

Experiential learning is quickly becoming a preferred method of training in many workplaces with the benefits of this approach including an increased capability to make more informed and reliable decisions. This type of learning is beneficial to all employees from juniors to CEO’s and offers a number of key advantages including accelerated learning capability, a […]

How are the younger generations creating meaningful change in the workplace?

By Oz Hussein on September 19, 2018

As companies evolve with time, change has never been so rapid and necessary as now, with the entrance of generation Z into the workforce, joining their predecessor’s Millennials. Millennials are already recognised as making a big splash and inciting change for the betterment of themselves, their peers and the overall workplace. From more widespread flexible […]

Tackling the UK’s problem in workplace leadership

By Oz Hussein on September 17, 2018

A recent study revealed that 40% of UK workers would describe themselves as dissatisfied with the quality of the leadership within their workplace. Nearly 15% of employees also expressed concern that their manager ‘hardly’ knows them as a person and a similar number lack any faith in the current quality of their leadership. Employees also […]

What are the top skills that retail banking companies should look for?

By Oz Hussein on September 11, 2018

Whether your candidates are fresh graduates or have been in the banking sector for some time, training is always essential to improve their skills and abilities and ensure that you’re offering your customers the optimum service and best representation of your business. It’s important for employers in the banking sector to understand the skills which […]

Can your workplace leadership training inspire a better working environment?

By Oz Hussein on September 4, 2018

It’s well known that the happier the employees, the more productive and effective a company is in meeting its objectives and driving growth. Happy employees are not always easy to maintain and require workplace leadership to drive strategy that ensures that they are catered to in a multitude of ways, from workplace environment and physical […]

How can your employees improve their commercial awareness every day?

By Oz Hussein on August 28, 2018

Commercial awareness is a key skill that is highly sought after by employers. It revolves around the fundamental understanding of the company and relevant industry or sector from the employee. Employees should have an assured knowledge of the company they work for, including a broader knowledge about the industry that the company is situated in, […]

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