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How to create microlearning programmes that deliver

By Oz Hussein on June 21, 2017

Microlearning can be delivered to both desktop computers and tablets, but for nearly all individuals, microlearning is accessed on mobile devices. With this in mind, here are some known methods to implement successful microlearning programmes on mobile devices: Split content into modules With microlearning, the main purpose is to break down the content into modules […]

Retaining employees in times of change

By Oz Hussein on June 19, 2017

It is no secret that hiring someone new costs more than retaining current staff. For example, The Harvard Business Review, estimated that 80% of turnover loss is a result of poor recruitment. Additionally, with so much going on such as the General Election and Brexit; it can make for uncertain financial times within any organisation. […]

How to inspire Millennials to become technology professionals

By Oz Hussein on June 14, 2017

Businesses in the technology sector that struggle to attract Millennials risk losing the innovativeness that they can provide. All workers, and Millennials in particular, can be fussy at times, which is why providing a business environment that is tailored to their needs is crucial in engaging them. With this in mind, have you considered how […]

The significance of Millennials training

By Oz Hussein on June 13, 2017

Are you thinking about a Millennials training program? Millennials are starting to seep into the workplace and are becoming well known as the age group fixated on studying and training options. A business that respects their workers has a much higher possibility to see positive outcomes and performance levels. Millennials are an age group that […]

5 reasons why it is essential to offer training in banking

By Oz Hussein on June 12, 2017

Workplace training is essential for employees in all industries, however, in the banking sector, it can be considered to be especially beneficial. Banks across the globe are aware that there have been huge changes in their sector in recent years, and this is not set to slow down anytime soon. So why is it essential […]

How offering graduate training programmes benefit your company

By Oz Hussein on June 5, 2017

With many people set to graduate over the next couple of months, now is a great time to think about graduate training programmes. A graduate training programme is a structured programme that combines working and training. The training usually lasts anywhere between 3 months to 3 years and after this time, graduates can be offered […]

Millennials and microlearning

By Oz Hussein on May 23, 2017

Less traditional methods of workplace training are becoming increasingly popular within organisations worldwide. Millennials are the future of the workplace so it is becoming more and more important to offer Millennials training in order to allow them to excel within their role and embody them with the right skills for the future. Millennials have different […]

What UK workers look for in workplace leadership

By Oz Hussein on May 19, 2017

Due to the uncertainty of the UK’s post-Brexit future, UK workers are searching for simple workplace leadership to set the route for a currently unknown destiny. Faced with the ever-growing speed of progressive companies, businesses require secure and direct workplace leadership to steer their uncertain future going forwards. Businesses that are on the forefront of […]

How utilising information results in better commercial decision making

By Oz Hussein on May 15, 2017

With hundreds of hours of video footage being added to YouTube each minute, and with even more information being generated within the previous two years than in the complete history of mankind, you don’t have to search for very long to discover a mind-boggling fact or information. We’re all conscious that information is already having […]

How your workplace will benefit from hiring Millennials

By Oz Hussein on May 12, 2017

Millennials are the future of the workplace and empowering them with workplace training is a great way to help with their development, ensuring they become a strong addition to the workforce. Although it can seem intimidating to offer Millennials training as opposed to hiring someone from an older generation with more experience, Millennials have strong […]

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