Corporate & Commercial Banking Training

For over 35 years, MDA Training has been a trusted partner to corporate and commercial banks worldwide. Our training programmes are grounded in the real world and designed to equip bank staff with a practical understanding of your banking solutions, coupled with a deep understanding of your customers’ unique commercial challenges. Our effective approach has supported our banking clients by enabling their relationship staff to have more confident and meaningful conversations with their customers around their credit and financial needs. Our approach draws on a blend of credit assessment skills and relationship management skills, and delivered through a unique mix of interactive self-led online learning, insightful facilitator-led workshops, and experiential banking simulations and activities.

Bespoke Credit Training Solutions, Rooted in Your Customers

Our credit training solutions draw upon our collective experience of decades of economic cycles to help your bank staff follow a robust approach to credit assessment, applicable in all market conditions. We offer a flexible range of bespoke credit training solutions from self-led online learning solutions such as interactive e-workbooks, e-learning and films, through to in-person and virtual workshops that blend a mix of facilitator-led sessions and experiential simulations and activities. Our tailored programmes will provide your bank staff with:

  • Commercial skills and insights to better understand the prevailing business landscape and your customer’s business position
  • Practical credit skills and technical understanding of your banking products
  • Professional skills to build trust through meaningful conversations with your customers around their needs and your banking solutions.

Relationship Management Skills

We help your customer-facing people and relationship teams develop the skills and confidence to have strong, business-focused conversations with customers. These types of conversations are often relatively straightforward in a strong economy. However, in more difficult economic conditions, relationship staff often:

  • Lack the confidence to hold conversations with management teams that are under pressure
  • Avoid asking difficult and challenging questions about the future performance of a customer’s business
  • Side-step delivering difficult messages about the level of support that will be available in the future
  • Fear questioning the sustainability of a customer’s business.

Relationship Training Programmes

Our practical relationship training programmes address them all by helping relationship staff to:

Building Meaningful Relationships

Build meaningful relationships with their customers and initiate business-focused conversations that explore the breadth and depth of a management team’s skill base

Building An In-Depth Understanding

Build an in-depth understanding of their customers around their business aims and ambitions better enabling them to provide appropriate support

Effective Communication

Communicate their analysis and conclusions to credit colleagues objectively and concisely.

Got A Specific Training Need? Let Us Design A Solution For You!

Got A Specific Training Need You’d Like to Explore?

Asset Finance Training

We have over 35 years’ experience of working with a wide range of asset finance companies, as well as the leasing divisions of the major banks. We specialise in designing and delivering practical in-house programmes tailored to your needs. Centred around four distinct asset finance learning pathways, our expertise includes:

1. Principles of asset finance

2. Making effective lending decisions

3. Vendor finance/broker development

4. Underwriting skills

Each pathway can be tailored to your needs, and offer a cost-effective alternative compared to industry bodies and associations in the asset finance industry. From programmes designed for new joiners or those in their early careers, through to more in-depth programmes designed for lateral hires or those with more experienced professionals – we have the expertise to help.

Embracing Digital Innovation In Our Learning Solutions

We constantly challenge the way training is designed and seek new and innovative ways to design and deliver experiential learning solutions for our banking clients. From innovative lending and trade finance simulations, to bespoke video case studies centred around your customers, to interactive digital activities that enable participants to apply their learning on our workshops and in their day-to-day working lives – we have an unrivalled suite of digital learning solutions that we can utilise across our in-person, virtual and self-led learning solutions.

Our experienced team of learning technologists, film-makers, media specialists, videographers and coders enable us to keep innovating, and bring new and creative ways to embrace technology in our client learning solutions. And this doesn’t have to mean starting from scratch; quite often, our clients blend one or more of our experiential digital solutions as part of an existing programme to help enhance the learning experience. We are always happy to showcase our digital learning solutions.

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