Asset Management Training

At MDA Training, we specialise in interactive and experiential learning solutions for the asset management industry. Tailored to the needs of your fund management business, our training programmes draw on our unique and engaging digital simulations and activities, which we blend into our interactive in-person, virtual and self-led learning solutions. Our expertise and experience is in early careers inductions and orientations, new and lateral hire onboarding and development, and CPD for Sales & Distribution, Investment Services, and Technology & Operations functions.

Fundamentals of Asset Management

Our Fundamentals of Asset Management workshop is an immersive event centred around our unique Fund Management Simulation. Tailored to your funds and processes, our workshop will introduce your people to what they need to know about your business and the industry. This workshop can be designed to be longer or shorter in duration, as a complete training solution, or to complement an existing programme in your curriculum. Our workshop explores:

  • Your products and solutions, competitive advantage and distribution channels
  • The fund management strategies used by Investment Managers
  • The governance framework currently shaping investment management
  • Investment operations; once a decision has been made by the investment manager, what happens then?
  • The lifecycle of a trade: the internal and external processes by which funds are built.

Asset Management Business Simulations

MDA Training offers a number of innovative Asset Management Business Simulations, all designed to immerse participants in real-world scenarios and equip them with hands-on experience. Our digital simulations will empower your people to challenge themselves, grow their understanding, and explore the complexities of asset management in a risk-free environment. From exploring equities or fixed income, to better understanding investment operations – our simulations offer a great way to develop a practical understanding of your business, your funds, your approach and the wider industry.

ESG Investing Simulation

2-hours to 1-day
In-person or virtual

Multi-Strategy Asset Management

2-hours to 1-day
In-person or virtual

Investment Operations Simulation

½-day to 1-day
In-person or virtual

Targeted Return Simulation

½-day to 1-day
In-person or virtual

Practical Learning Focused On The Asset Classes

We offer a flexible range of practical learning solutions across the key asset classes, including: equities, fixed income, derivatives, and alternatives. Our engaging simulation-based workshops led by expert facilitators, provide practical insights into your investment approach, your products and solutions and your competitive advantage. We also offer self-led online learning through our Fmi Asset Management Pathway. Designed specifically for the asset management industry, Fmi offers a practical on-demand learning resource where your people can access bitesize technical modules at their convenience, to help refresh, embed and sustain their learning.

Investing In Equites

Investing In Equites

Discover how equities are used to achieve returns for customers. Get to grips with the language of investing in equities and key concepts such as factor investing, diversification, beta, and ESG. Understand and interpret key performance metrics used across the asset management industry, and the information contained in fund factsheets. Gain practical insights through one of our equity investing simulations where participants manage a diversified equity fund with a view to achieving outperformance as compared to a benchmark.

Investing In Fixed Income

Investing In Fixed Income

Gain an understanding of fixed income investments, including government and corporate bonds, duration, yield curves, and risk management strategies. Put fixed income investing strategies into an economic context by considering inflation, interest rate, and foreign exchange fluctuations. Our exclusive bond fund simulation delivers practical expertise in this important asset class.

Investing In Derivatives

Investing In Derivatives

The derivatives market is vast and complex. We cut through the complexity and jargon to explore derivatives in a simple, everyday language that everyone can understand. Explore the language, markets and characteristics of various types of derivatives, including swaps, options, futures, and forwards. Gain applicable insights through real-life examples of how derivatives are utilised by fund managers for speculative or risk hedging purposes.

Investing In Alternatives

Investing In Alternatives

Our interactive facilitator-led sessions shed a light on the increasingly important role that alternatives play in asset management to achieve the investment outcomes your customers are looking for. Explore diverse investment opportunities, from real estate to commodities, based around real-life case studies that illustrate the application and significance of these investments, including emerging trends like digital assets and blockchain.

Got A Specific Training Need? Let Us Design A Solution For You!

Got A Specific Training Need You’d Like to Explore?

Developing Professional Skills in Asset Management

Our professional skills training is designed and delivered in the context of a fund management business to ensure your people come away with skills and insights they can apply immediately. Tailored to the needs and experience of your audience, whether this be early careers, as part of management development, or as general CPD, our professional skills modules offer a flexible solution for all. Our suite of modules include:

  • Handling challenging conversations
  • Personal impact
  • Resilience and being at your best
  • Pitching and presenting with impact
  • Investment writing
  • Influencing and negotiating
  • Relationship management
  • Enhancing emotional resilience
  • Time management
  • Communicating with impact.

Investment Operations Training

Our Investment Operations Simulation-based workshop will help your people to understand their role within the context of your business and how various roles and functions work together to achieve customer outcomes. They will gain insights into what systems and processes support trading and investment, before and after, and how they are managed effectively. Key learning includes:

  • How a financial institution delivers client outcomes through a cross-functional approach.
  • Stages in the lifecycle of a trade – before, during, after execution
  • Control functions and their significance within the organisation
  • The settlement process.


Online, Self-Paced Training For Asset Management

The Fmi Asset Management Pathway is our online learning portal designed specifically for the Asset Management industry. Our platform is ideal for learners looking to access learning on-demand around key industry concepts and fund management products and solutions. Utilised as a standalone learning solution, or as part of pre- and post-learning support, offers a range of interactive modules across the following topic areas:

  • Investment management essentials
  • Distribution
  • Investment management services
  • Equity and fixed income funds
  • Derivatives in fund management
  • Currencies
  • Financial analysis.

ESG Investing Simulations

Step into the role of an investment manager and navigate the complexities of responsible investing with our ESG Equities Investing Simulation or ESG Bond Investing Simulation. These highly interactive and experiential simulations challenge participants to engage with the fundamentals of ESG investing to build an ESG fund that delivers strong returns for customers while meeting their responsible investing requirements. Our simulations will enable your people to experience first-hand the benefits and challenges of embedding ESG criteria into investment portfolios.

Our ESG simulations are flexible and can be utilised in a number of ways: as a standalone ESG simulation event or simulation-based workshop; as part of an introduction to asset management programme; or to complement an existing ESG workshop – virtually or in-person.

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