Although virtual events aren't a new concept, the coronavirus pandemic sparked a remote working boom last year, and a myriad of online conference platforms made their way to market.

With social distancing and home-working measures looking as though they’re here to stay - more businesses will likely be turning to virtual methods to achieve their goals for 2024.

Whilst some events and industries lend themselves to the virtual environment more instinctively than others; almost all in-person events can be brought into the virtual age with modern technology, and a healthy dose of creative thinking.

Throughout 2023 we saw organisers and businesses alike adopting new technologies and combining them with tried and tested techniques, providing their audiences with interactive and engaging experiences - whilst allowing their business to thrive in the process.

Based on our clients’ feedback across last year, our highly interactive approach is what sets MDA apart from our competitors. We deliver experiential digital activities and business simulations alongside premium content, led by industry-leading speakers. Providing a versatility that is unattainable outside of the virtual environment.

We've created this handy infographic that details five of the most popular events that we helped organise throughout last year, that we think will shape virtual and hybrid events throughout 2024 and beyond. Read the complete article on our blog here.

MDA Training are experts in providing experiential virtual events for businesses all over the globe. Whether you're looking to organise a series of workshops or host a range of seminars, don't hesitate to contact us today.