In order for each and every workplace to perform effectively, it must be structured with an efficient management system.

Managers work to motivate and engage individuals in the workplace while maintaining operations to achieve success. If a manager is ineffective in their role, the entire business is likely to fail.

What is a manager?

As we have previously discussed, management can be described as the organisation and coordination of the activities of a business. It is the act of gathering people together to accomplish set goals using the resources available. A manager is an individual who is in charge of the group and the tasks the group must complete in order to accomplish a set goal. To be successful, a manager should possess these 5 essential qualities:


Delegations skills are crucial to the completion of set goals and targets. Every manager must possess the skills to delegate tasks evenly and fairly to their team of employees. They must understand each and every member's strengths and weaknesses and delegate tasks accordingly, thus creating a more productive team.


It is commonly agreed that most, if not all managers should possess Leadership qualities. Leadership doesn’t necessarily take hold when an employee hits a certain level of seniority, rather a person who holds leadership qualities will rise to executive positions such as managers. Leadership is the ability to successfully direct, lead and motivate employees towards an end goal or target. Managers with good leadership skills are able to define goals together with a team and delegate responsibility within the group. They will have a clear vision in the direction their team must go in order to achieve success.

Excellent communication

A good manager must possess the skills to communicate needs, opinions and expectations to members of the team. A manager should create an environment where employees feel their thoughts and opinions are heard and valued.


A good manager will plan when tasks will be completed with relevant and realistic timings to ensure that deadlines are met effectively leading to the completion of an overall goal and target.

Team Building

A manager should be able to recognise the variety of skill levels within the team, and where possible encourage employees with different skill sets to work together to develop on areas of weakness, which will ultimately build trust within the team.