Asset Management Simulation

An engaging and insightful simulation that helps cut through industry terminology and jargon and explores the key aspects of a fund management business. Ideal for early careers, new hires and lateral hires, our simulation will help to broaden participants knowledge of your business and the wider asset management industry.

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Tailored To Reflect Your Multi-Asset Investment Funds

A flexible simulation that can be tailored to reflect your investment solutions and funds, teams make asset and sector allocation decisions within a strict set of investment criteria and risk constraints. Their performance is measured on an absolute and relative basis. After each round teams  receive an attribution analysis detailing how their performance was achieved. At the end of the simulation their risk figures are calculated using a tracking error and the team with the highest risk adjusted return (information ratio) will be declared the winners.

A Learning Solution That Delivers A Range Of Learning Outcomes…

A Better Understanding Of Your Range Of Products And Solutions

Clearly and easily summarise the range of products and solutions you provide for your clients and a better understanding of client objectives and constraints

How You Manage Money And Your Competitive Advantage

Better articulate how you manage money and how your approach differs from your competition by exploring your products, solutions and competitive position

Introduction To The Asset Classes

A practical understanding on the types of asset class, their features and risks across equities, fixed income, multi-asset, cash, alternatives

A Practical Insight Into Your Distribution Channels

A practical understanding of the main distribution channels for wholesale and institutional clients

Let's Tailor Our Asset Management To Your Needs

Our Asset Management Simulation offers a number of flexible options in terms of delivery. You choose whether you’d like virtual or in-person delivery, a standalone simulation or blended with an existing workshop.