Presenting and pitching virtually with impact

At MDA Training we believe in learning by doing and our virtual learning solutions are no different. Our ‘Presenting and pitching virtually with impact’ workshop blends facilitator-led inputs with interactive exercises and experiential activities designed to engage participants throughout.

This engaging and hugely popular workshop is full of practical tools and tips. Your participants will gain practical skills and insights they can apply immediately back to the workplace to help engage their audiences and make the best possible impact in virtual meetings, presentations and pitches.

Watch our video below or explore our one page infographic now.

Our insightful virtual workshop is structured in a convenient 1.5 to 2-hour highly interactive session. Throughout the workshop, we provide time for participants to ‘troubleshoot’ their virtual challenges with our expert facilitators and to find solutions they can apply immediately to their virtual workplace.

  • Understanding your virtual venue - How best to use the functionality that each of the major platforms offer - WebEx, Zoom, Teams and Google Hangouts (with a focus on the in-house platform in operation at your bank).
  • Connecting with your audience - How to create the best environment for your clients and colleagues, best practice for your conference call settings, setting up your virtual venue, video and lighting, managing the audio experience, curating a professional background.
  • Tools and tips for managing your virtual meeting - Sharing your documents and your presentation, dividing the roles, making it interactive, working with others, managing transitions, communicating with your team during the meeting.
  • Creating a lasting impression - The value of trust, leaving a lasting impression, effective listening skills (the 4-Level Listening Model), maximising impact with the 5 Senses, presenting with impact - passion and purpose, structuring the presentation - what, how, why, who.
  • Virtual forum theatre - Participants experience first-hand your business challenges. In real time, they direct the scenarios to ensure the best possible outcomes. This interactive session will allow participants to apply their learning, supported by facilitator-led discussions around the scenarios.