Do you feel like your workforce could be more productive?

There are many ways managers can ensure their employees are making the most of their time at work. We’ve listed a few top tips that we believe will increase your workforce's productivity level!

Train to retain

As we have previously discussed, when it comes to employee performance, the more training employees receive the better able they are to perform their job role. Understanding the job role and exactly what is expected from them will give employees the drive and confidence to go above and beyond in their role.

Set measurable goals

When it comes to motivating employees to achieve success both professionally and personally, goal setting is top of the list. Setting targets allows employees to understand what is expected of them, it will also evoke confidence as they will understand how the role they play helps to ensure the success of a business.

Give them access to the right resources

Ensure employees do not become disengaged through a lack of resources or the right tools. Ensure that all employees of all levels have access to the best resources to enable them to effectively complete their duties. Using the right resources and tools can also simplify tasks and increase efficiency.

Breaks for the brain

Just like in school where children are given small breaks to help retain and learn better, the same can be said to productivity within the workplace. Small breaks allow employees to embrace distractions for a short while and gives the brain a well-earned rest, meaning ‘working time’ will be more productive with fewer distractions.

Loosen those internet restrictions

The restriction of the use of the internet is common within many companies. It is thought that it is out of caution that company-owned resources may be misused. It is widely understood employers are concerned with employees using their time at work to browse their social networking accounts, however, utilising social media can be beneficial to a company as marketing on social media is becoming increasingly important, while it can also be used to track competitor activity and industry initiatives.

Meaningful feedback

Employees require regular helpful feedback in order to motivate them within their role, constructive feedback that can be used to improve their role is also necessary for if an employee is continuing to make mistakes. Without help or guidance, they can become unresponsive.

Flexible working options

By choosing not to offer your staff flexible working options and conditions, you risk creating an unfavourable work environment for your employees. You may also be losing out to qualified candidates who simply cannot tie themselves down working for a business with an antiquated working hours policy.

It has been said that flexible working hours reduce stress and employees who aren’t stressed will ultimately perform better in the workplace. Employers who allow their workforce to manage their own time and schedule will, therefore, see increased productivity.

Respect employee as individuals  

Employers who respect their workforce will ultimately earn the respect off their employees, and when employees feel genuinely respected they are more inclined to work harder and go the extra mile in creating value in the business.