Is your workplace suffering from a dip in employee productivity? One reason for this could be employee wellbeing.

There has been growing recognition of the importance of wellbeing both inside and outside of the workplace. Studies suggest that improvement in wellbeing will result in improved performance in the workplace, which will ultimately aid the increase in profitability, productivity, and the quality of services.

What is Wellbeing?

Wellbeing is the dynamic process that enables people to determine how they feel about their lives on a daily basis, it includes their jobs and relationships with others around them. Other factors include their own character along with their home and social life, however, research suggests that influence can be made by the way in which an employer runs the workplace.  Help your staff stay happy in the workplace with these hints and tips.

Add some exercise to your day

Not only is exercise important to everyday life, but it is also seen as valuable to working life. Failing to provide time for employees to exercise will put them at risk of high-stress levels, which will ultimately affect their productivity. Exercise will not only help energise your team, but it will also help them focus throughout the day.

Invest in training

Whether it’s for the team or for a particular individual, providing employees with the opportunity to challenge themselves with training and development programmes will not only create a great atmosphere in the workplace, it will also boost employee morale and will create a more motivated thriving team.

Insist on a healthy work-life balance

It has been recorded that 31% of employees in the UK express that maintaining a good work-life balance is a top motivating factor, however, a quarter of professionals stated they have a lack of balance which highlights the pressures of job roles. The advancement of technology and the increasingly popular flexible working can add to this pressure with employees working at any given time. By insisting staff receive a fair balance will enable staff to switch off and have their much-needed downtime.