In a world where setting up your laptop in the kitchen, lounge or spare bedroom to work has recently become the norm; many employees can be forgiven for shifting their immediate focus to getting used to their new professional surroundings.

In recent weeks, following the coronavirus outbreak, we have been providing regular updates on how to eliminate distractions, practice self-care and utilise the software and programmes at your disposal in order to make the transition to remote working as seamless as possible.

With everything in place to work and communicate from the confinement of your own home, continuing to learn and develop skills should be considered as important as being able to carry out your role(s).

In addition, businesses should be utilising digital learning programmes in order to ensure continuity during this time.

Learning from home during the COVID-19 pandemic

Typically, remote working and digital communications have existed to complement operations taking place from an office or other professional setting.

Now that the majority of employees are working in varied locations, however, there needs to be more time and effort spent utilising digital methods.

When the pandemic begins to slow down, and employees across the world are able to return to work, businesses that have spent time investing in their learning & development programmes will be better prepared than companies that haven’t, as they will have minimised any disruptions that could last for several months.

With several learning materials available, there is no reason why an entire workforce cannot continue to develop their skills away from their typical environment by utilising emerging technologies.

MDA Training’s approach to remote learning

Here at MDA Training, we have spent years developing and perfecting our digital solutions in line with the latest innovations and requirements of businesses. When it comes to learning and development, we focus on:

  • Listening to specific requirements
  • Creating bespoke solutions for remote workers
  • Delivering digital training to improve productivity
  • Sustaining learning back in the workplace.

Whether it’s delivered in-house or using a range of virtual learning methods including e-learning, webinars, PDF toolkits and film-making activities, we lead the way in developing programmes that drive positive change on an organisational scale.

With our consultants and training specialists currently unable to deliver our programmes in person, we are creating simulations and other learning programmes to help strengthen the communication between remote workers, as well as embedding key messages and skills that can be developed at home.

While the current UK lockdown and remote working requirements have created new obstacles and challenges for us to consider, our scenario-based learning solutions serve to help employees overcome these situations long term. For more information on our digital services, please click here.

The implementation of remote working across the workplace should not be considered a hindrance where learning and development is concerned.

Instead, business leaders can and should be using this time to develop their digital offering to maintain and secure their operations for as long as the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect businesses.