The changes to today’s workplace are rapidly and consistently increasing with globalisation and technological innovation.

The role of leadership has changed dramatically within the 21st century, as technology continues to take over many aspects of the workplace. To be effective in the modern workplace leaders need to understand how to adapt to new leadership styles.

Flexibility is key

Within today’s workplace flexibility is of the utmost importance. It has been reported that young companies are more open and results-focused. They allow leaders to use their creativity in order to complete goals and succeed. Leadership styles have also developed in order to work comprehensively within flexible environments, these include:

Democratic - This form of leadership invites team members to give their opinions and allow them to input in decision-making scenarios.

Transformational - This form of leadership is aimed at inspiring team members to motivate themselves to complete goals and targets both personally and professionally.

Transactional - This form of leadership will provide awards to team members for hard work and completing set targets or goals.

Today’s leaders must understand the different personality traits within their workforce, as individuals work differently they will not all respond to one leadership style. By being flexible and utilising a variety of styles within a team will see a dramatic improvement within overall results.

Incorporating a transparent culture

It has been reported that the vast amount of employees within today’s workforce are that of the Millennial generation. It is, therefore, paramount that leaders understand their needs and requirements.

The Millennial’s needs are far different from that of generations before them, they want to work for businesses that will give them opportunities for growth but who are also economically astute and above all, are transparent.

These employees want to know how the company, team and their own individual performance fares. By allowing this information to be transparent employees are motivated to work harder as they know exactly what is expected of them.

Utilise technology

The changes in technology affect all aspects of the business, and leadership is no exception. Employees are increasingly harder to pin down with the introduction of remote working and it is, therefore, vital that leaders make use of technological tools to ensure communication within the team is consistent.

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