With the majority of UK graduates being forced into employment that does not require their talents, isn’t time to start thinking about why you’re not hiring them?

Research has reported that 58.8% of UK graduates have ended up in non-graduate roles - a figure exceeded only by Greece and Estonia. There are many benefits of including graduates into your workforce and we’ve listed, what we believe, are the most important:


Graduates today have grown up surrounded by technology. This would then suggest, that their ability to adapt to new systems and software would require minimal supervision. They are always interested in the ‘next big thing’ to enter the world of technology, which could prove beneficial to help businesses to grow and progress.


Once exams are finished, the dissertation is done and dusted and the final year is complete, graduates cannot wait to leave the student lifestyle behind them and enter the working world. This poses an added benefit to businesses as graduates are eager to get stuck in and want to impress.

Business Skills

Although new graduates will have little experience of working within a business, their university life will have enabled them to develop invaluable transferable skills such as written and oral communication, presentation, organisation and data analysis. These attributes are vital to carrying out professional business roles within the workplace.


Graduates entering their first role are eager to impress, and they will go above and beyond the call of duty to do so, which will include, when required, being flexible to the type of task they must complete or the time in which they do so. They won’t have preconceived work habits or practices and will happily and efficiently fit into workplace culture and operating hours. Looking to hire graduates but need some help with training? With 25 years’ experience of designing and delivering bespoke graduate induction programmes for a wide range of organisations, at MDA Training we know how to create programmes that will really engage with your graduates and give them flexibility in the way they learn.