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Graduate training

About graduate training

Graduate training programmes come with a number of benefits, not only for your employees but also for your business. A bespoke learning and development programme allows your business to tailor your requirements to ensure that your learning material is relevant to your graduates, offering them simulations and experiential experiences.

From university to the workplace

Our detailed and carefully designed programmes can be built around your business to ensure organisational context and your specific development needs are integrated into your training course. Your graduate training programme is created around your businesses competency framework, which ensures that your new employees hit those all important milestones and transition more effectively from university to the working world.

Getting started with graduate training

Our induction programmes aim to give your graduates the best start in your business. Supporting their new journey into their new career, our methods offer unique business simulations and practical and commercially focused activities that will allow them to understand the context of what your company does and how they add value to this process.

Graduate training not only sets your new employees off to a great start in their role, it can be used to set the tone for understanding the company as a whole, including; managing expectations and what is expected of employees, integrating and building relationships with internal contacts, managing workloads efficiently, maintaining the company reputations, effective team management and managing upwards, rectifying mistakes, constructive criticism and resilience.

Graduate training styles

Graduate training can come in many shapes and styles, from traditional methods to modern and more experiential forms. Our programmes can be designed with your preferred training style in mind, while also considering the most effective method based on the demographics of your graduates.

Training methods can include microlearning which offers small bite-size chunks of information that can be accessed remotely via mobile phone, tablets, and computers. Classroom-based workshops, which are interactive in nature and draw on exercises, group work and discussions led by an experienced tutor. Experiential solutions offer your graduates the opportunity to learn by doing, which can include experiential business simulations and activities and on-the-job interventions such as shadowing existing employees or working alongside other graduates to understand the workplace.

Why choose MDA Training for your graduate training programme?

Our extensive experience in both design, development, and delivery of graduate training induction programmes and courses is supported by over 25 years of experience. Our in-depth understanding of the way that graduates prefer to learn, allows us to create an engaging, informative and educational programme to fit your graduate training requirements. Our courses offer flexibility for your graduates to work using a medium that they find most effective, using blended programmes that incorporates a number of channels to deliver course content. If your business could benefit from a graduate training programme, then get in touch with MDA Training today.


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