While many businesses believe it is qualifications and technical skills that give businesses the competitive edge for success, it is in-fact employees with soft skills who pose the biggest advantage.

What are Soft Skills?

Soft skills, also known as; people skills, interpersonal skills, and social skills, describe personal attributes that give an indication of a high level of emotional intelligence. Unlike technical skills, soft skills are broadly applicable across job titles and industries - technical skills will enable you to get a job, however, soft skills will ensure that you secure it.

What are the most important skills for success?

When hiring new employees, employers should look for more than the candidate with the most qualifications, although this is still important, employees who have the right soft skills are most likely to effectively build constructive working relationships with others, or be a constructive, helpful employee that is an asset to the team. Skills  you should look for when building your team include:

Decision making

Consistently seen in the top ten most in-demand soft skills, decision making is a key attribute as it enables individuals to make an informed decision where others may struggle.

Communication skills

Communication skills are often seen as the most important soft skill an individual can attain. Articulate verbal skills and grammar skills are crucial when understanding people. Employees with strong communication skills are able to build good working relationships with both colleagues and clients.

Creative thinking and problem-solving

Creative thinkers will have the ability to apply both logic and creativity in problem-solving situations. Employees with such skills will provide an ‘outside-the-box’ perspective which will offer a competitive advantage for businesses.

Time Management

The ability to manage is key to hitting goals and targets both personally and professionally, employees that can effectively manage their own time in order of priority and importance will require less management from others, and will ensure all deadlines will be met efficiently.