Resource Optimisation Simulation

A full theatre digital simulation where participants, in teams, have to optimise resources to maximise commercial performance. Teams must respond to fundamental change and disruption in the marketplace and industry, adapting their business to deliver commercial results. Our simulation offers an exciting learning experience centred around digital gamification with interactive interfaces, dashboards and videos.

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A Flexible Online Simulation, Customisable To Your Needs

Our simulation provides an experiential environment from which to explore, reinforce and apply learning around a number of themes including business, financial and commercial skills, as well as interpersonal skills such as communication, teamworking, planning, decision making. The flexible nature of the simulation means it can easily be flexed to meet your specific learning goals and also your delivery preference – a standalone simulation (half-day) or incorporated into a wider programme and blended with facilitator-led sessions.

An Engaging Online Learning Experience, Structured Across 4 Phases

In the planning phase, participants analyse the industry and assess the dynamics of the business, a national car park operator. Participants construct a plan for phase 1 where they have to allocate resources to optimise commercial performance and customer satisfaction.

Planning | MDA Training

In phase 1 teams have 45 minutes to allocate a range of types of car parking bays (e.g. electric, mobility, standard) across a number of city centre and out-of-town sites. Participants action their plans, focussing their decisions on revenue, profit, cash flow and customer satisfaction.

Phase 1 | MDA Training

In phase 2, teams are faced with ambiguity and change brought about by mega trends affecting the business landscape. Participants have to assess what impact these trends will have on business strategy operations, people resourcing and financial performance. Participants need to communicate potentially difficult messages to their colleagues regarding the impact of these mega trends. Participants receiving the message(s) give feedback on how successfully the change was communicated via an online feedback mechanism.

Phase 2 | MDA Training

In phase 3, participants implement their revised plans again focussing their decisions on revenue, profit, cash flow and customer satisfaction. Can they optimise the performance of their business to emerge as the winning company? The simulation ends with a review of the results from phase 3. Results are distributed, supported by facilitator-led industry and business commentary.

Phase 3 | MDA Training