M&A Simulation

In this dynamic and engaging simulation, participants take on the role of an M&A Advisory Team for their clients. The simulation helps bring to life the intricacies of M&A transactions and the various factors involved in deal making. The simulation can be run as a standalone activity, or incorporated into a half day or full day programme focusses on areas such as advisory services, corporate finance, and product roles.

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A Tried & Tested Solution For Early Careers Onboarding

A dynamic M&A simulation that’s perfect for new hires and early careers training. Our simulation will help bring a practical and experiential dimension to an onboarding programme, where participants can explore deal-making by acting as advisors, undertaking valuations, negotiating, and much more.

Delivering Targeted Learning Outcomes…

Our M&A simulation puts participants in the shoes of an M&A Advisory Team and explores…

M&A process

Gain practical experience in the M&A process from both buyer and seller perspectives

Deal negotiation

Develop negotiation and communication skills in the context of M&A deals

Financial modelling

Apply financial modelling techniques for business valuation in M&A scenarios

Market analysis

Analyse potential risks and opportunities associated with M&A transactions

Advisory fees

Understand how different factors influence a bank’s fees

The Process

From client allocation to deal negotiation, participants’ experience the M&A process first-hand…

Participants work in teams and are allocated a number of clients from different sectors such as meia, pharmaceuticals, real estate, energy, consumer, technology…


Each team receives  information about several potential target companies or acquirers including company background, financial performance, market data (share price history, P/E ratio, market capitalisation), and a valuation based on forecasted financial numbers.

Teams then value their target companies using a financial modelling tool assess the potential risks and opportunities associated with each of the companies under assessment.


Based on the assessment, the M&A Advisor decides on a potential deal value. Teams then engage in simulated negotiations, representing their assigned clients (buyer or seller). The goal is to reach a mutually agreeable deal value that considers both companies current market capitalisation alongside other key financial metrics, and potential synergies created by the merger or acquisition.

Each team present their negotiation strategy and rationale behind their decisions.


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