Managing Projects Simulation

Our Managing Projects Simulation is an engaging activity where participants have to work effectively as a team to deliver a film project to a stakeholder’s specification. The simulation is centred around our 4D project management model: Design, Delegate, Distil and Deliver. It offers an exciting and experiential way to explore a range of learning outcomes including: time management, managing change, visual storytelling, active listening, creative thinking, whilst promoting diversity of thought and innovation. The activity culminates in an exciting and insightful screening where teams share their learning journeys and explore how they overcame any team or project challenges. The films can also be shared with the broader business to raise awareness of key business messages.

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A Flexible Activity, Fully Customisable To Your Needs

Depending on your needs, the simulation can range from half-day to one-day in duration and can also be run in-person, virtually or hybrid. Many clients have also chosen to license the simulation and run it with in-house trainers, supported by our comprehensive trainer guides and facilitators.

An Immersive Learning Experience, Where Learning Builds In Phases…

Participants are organised into production teams and set a range of themes agreed in partnership with you. Their goal will be to communicate a core organisational message through the medium of film. In phase 1, working as a team they collaborate on crafting their team vision, sharing their hearts and minds and seeking out different perspectives to agree and produce a storyboard document. Teams have complete flexibility over how they convey and bring their themes to life.

Learning themes explored: Understanding the business challenge, Clarifying and defining the outcomes/measures, Goal setting, Working as a collaborative team, Design thinking and innovation, Making decisions quickly and effectively, Embracing diversity of thought.

Planning & Storyboarding | MDA Training

Teams work together to produce their 60-90 second films on their respective themes. Participants collaborate to decide on the filmmaking roles and responsibilities they will undertake during this project to succeed together. They need to work at pace, with vigour, to make a compelling and impactful film that meets the client’s brief and specification. Participants are supported by experienced facilitators, all with extensive filmmaking experience and expertise.

Learning themes explored: Resourcing and contracting, Prioritising tasks and overcoming any resource constraints, Time management, Responding to stakeholder and resourcing issues, Managing risk.

Filming & Delivery | MDA Training


The event culminates with a fun and engaging screening of the teams’ films to celebrate everyone’s effort. We conduct a interactive poll where all participants vote on a number of award categories which recognises where individual teams have particularly excelled. We also provide clients with all of the films so that they can be shared on any internal portals and utilised on corporate initiatives such as careers or recruitment websites and social media, providing a captivating takeaway from the activity.

Learning themes explored: Working as a high performing team, Managing the workflow and productivity, Making decisions quickly and effectively, Effective communication, Ensuring outcome delivery and making things happen, Celebrating different perspectives and learnings, Succeeding together.

Sharing Of Learning & Screenings | MDA Training