The Leadership Simulation

Our experiential leadership simulation provides an environment to explore and develop the capabilities of your leaders. The simulation creates real leadership scenarios in a risk free environment that challenge the status quo, and leads to sustainable change.

A great solution for new and experienced leaders, our simulation explores leadership team dynamics and the impact of individuals within that team, and creates a coherent narrative and behaviours to make leadership teams more effective.

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Tailored To Your Leadership Principles

The simulation can be tailored to your organisation’s specific leadership principles enabling your leaders to develop a deep understanding and connection with those principles. The simulation provides an opportunity to apply and embed your principles in a psychologically safe environment, helping to address genuine leadership challenges in your business, challenge mindsets, and drive better performance outcomes through collaboration.


An Experiential Leadership Simulation…

…for setting up, managing and growing a multi-faceted business in a dynamic and competitive landscape.

…strategy, finance, operations, solution delivery and stakeholder delivery to execute against their strategic goals and KPIs. The simulation highlights the flaws of siloed thinking and is a highly effective vehicle for challenging that mindset.

…supporting the development of leading yourself, others, and the business.


…both the way they lead themselves, others and the business. The simulation is an excellent vehicle for providing actionable feedback in dedicated reviews to leaders around how they are performing to enhance their leadership style, impact and effectiveness. The feedback is provided by their peers and from expert leadership coaches.