Lifecycle Of A Trade Simulation

Everyone needs to appreciate the language and processes behind trading and investment, and the risk procedures used within a bank to address and manage those processes. In our Lifecycle Of A Trade Simulation, participants experience first-hand how transactions flow through a typical financial institution – before, during and after execution.

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Asset Management
Investment Banking


½-day to 1-day


In-person or Virtual

Practical Insights Into Execution, Settlement And Reconciliation

After each round of the simulation, teams are expected to improve their internal processes by reducing the number of errors. Successful execution requires great teamwork and communication in order to deliver effective error-free trades to be settled and reconciled, with final positions being marked to market for fair values in order to deliver outstanding results.

Learning Outcomes Our Simulation Delivers…

Better outline the key stages...

Better outline the key stages in the lifecycle of a trade and the order in which they must happen

Clearly identify the control functions...

Clearly identify the control functions within a bank and determine why they are important and where they reside

Explain why control functions...

Explain why control functions within the bank need visibility at various stages of the life-cycle of a trade

Appreciate the complexity of the operational processes...

Appreciate the operational processes required to reach settlement in a financial institution & why a cross functional approach is critical to client delivery