Millennials are the future of the workplace, and therefore implementing training to shape them into great leaders should be a key part of your succession plan.

Due to the distinct differences between each generation, it can be hard to know which training techniques to utilise to develop a particular group of individuals. As far as millennials are concerned, embracing emerging technologies and giving them opportunities to reach the top of an organisation should be a top priority when constructing a training programme.

Appoint them a mentor

Providing a mentor for Millennial employees can be an excellent technique to help them develop. However, be sure to match the perfect guide to the Millennial and take the time to get to know each person.

By providing an excellent match to each individual, it creates the opportunity for them to grow and prepare for workplace leadership with a person they respect and can look up too.

Provide millennials training

Millennial training programmes are crucial to them acquiring new information and refining expertise. The aim should be to help young employees keep up-to-date with any trends and push them to the front line, which will help them gain an advantage over their competitors.

A Millennials training programme should aim to encourage employees to think critically and discover new perspectives for developing new concepts, in order to improve their understanding. Through providing continuous education, it will prepare Millennials for a workplace leadership role.

Emotional Intelligence

Strong emotional intelligence is critical for leadership roles within any workplace. Incorporating emotional thinking into the process of millennials training will offer the opportunity to learn about empathy and how to best manage people and interpersonal relationships.

Provide feedback

Providing feedback gives employees the opportunity to review themselves, encouraging a greater self-awareness. Self-awareness is an excellent quality for anyone within workplace leadership to have, as it supports critical thinking and an empathetic approach to interpersonal relationships.

Additionally, providing feedback helps to highlight what the employee is doing well in and where they may be struggling and can contribute to set themselves realistic aims.  

Ongoing feedback also nurtures Millennials’ desire for connection, with this trait attributed to a generation, brought up on social media.

Company DNA

Anyone within a workplace leadership role should know their company's values and purpose. Providing Millennials training will align them with your expectations and goals within the organisation and assisting in helping to mould them into an employee who also shares those same values.