As the world continues to be significantly affected by the global spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), the operations of so many businesses will inherently suffer. Particularly for companies where employees are required to go into an office, or dedicated workspace, the very sudden need to work from home can cause severe disruptions in the long run.

At MDA Training, we are no strangers to remote working. Many of our consultants regularly travel away from their offices, working to deliver experiential learning solutions for our clients across the globe, as well as creating and perfecting digital solutions to embed and sustain learning back in the workplace.

The latter has now become significantly more critical as the majority of businesses, in the UK at least, begin to prepare for remote working for an extended period.

Digital communications have become vital in maintaining operations in every corner of the globe. It is now possible for two people to engage with each other and complete work no matter where they are situated.

The same can be said for learning and development within the workplace. No longer is it absolutely necessary to group individuals at one given location in order to transfer key messages throughout an entire workforce. With the advancement of innovative technology, we are now able to transfer the learning and deliver it through digital mediums.

The implementation of webinars, e-learning, virtual reality, digital simulations and much more have all been manipulated and reworked to serve the modern workforce in several professional industries. From developing credit skills in banking to achieving LEAN processes in manufacturing, there are so many digital solutions widely available.

Online simulations not only take advantage of providing a learning platform for employees, but they also serve to improve learning retention as much as a physical training activity. When implemented correctly, they serve as a more flexible solution than a physical simulation event.

At MDA Training, we are currently designing digital simulations that help strengthen the communications between remote workers, as well as developing employee wellbeing on an organisational scale. We understand that the changes in the light of the coronavirus pandemic will prove to be challenging for so many, and how virtual learning can help to enhance correspondence at every stage.

While our consultants, trainers, coaches and facilitators in every corner of the world will find their travel opportunities limited, we will be maximising our digital offering to provide learning initiatives that continue to meet specific needs.