Leadership skill: How to build trust and influence others? (Part 2)

Episode 20 of MDA Insight Podcast is here to take you on a transformative journey! 🌟 Join the charismatic hosts, Oz Hussein and Paul Hewett from MDA Training, as they continue their riveting conversation with Bhavna Dalal - a best-selling author, coach, and TEDx sensation boasting an impressive 25+ years of expertise.

In this segment labeled "Leadership skill: How to build trust and influence others? (Part 2)" Bhavna Dalal shares profound insights, effective strategies, and real-life narratives to enrich your ability to influence and lead. 🚀 Absorb the wisdom needed to master the subtle art of influencing others and amplifying your leadership skills. This episode promises an illuminating masterclass in leadership, elevating your understanding of influence to subtle yet impactful heights