How technology is changing the way early career professionals develop their careers and the new tools and resources available for career development

Join us for the latest episode of MDA Insights where we talk about the impact of technology on career development in the digital age. Our guest, Aswini Bajaj, Best Finance Trainer in India - India Education Awards - 2019, shares his expert insights on the new tools and resources available for career development.

According to Mr Bajaj, "The application of technology can undoubtedly enhance the training experience, but L&D will always be centred around human interaction. At the end of the day, human interaction is still the future."

Hosted by, Oz Hussein and Paul Hewett, Directors at MDA Training, this episode covers a range of topics including the changing consumer behaviour in L&D due to COVID, earning trainer's time with a digital setup, and the importance of maintaining relationships between trainers and participants in a virtual classroom. Tune in now to discover how the application of technology in the L&D space can enhance your training, but human interaction is still the key to success.

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