Creating disciplined, autonomous, proactive, and committed professionals

"In our latest project, we made a profound discovery: Many groundbreaking innovations and progress in organisations come from individuals who constantly learn skills beyond their current job requirements. Embracing continuous learning, even in unrelated areas, sparks a remarkable surge of creativity and ingenuity."

Welcome to MDA Insights, hosted by the dynamic duo of Oz and Paul from MDA Training. In our electrifying 16th episode, we're back with Part 2 of "Creating disciplined, autonomous, proactive, and committed professionals."

We are thrilled to have David Abashidze, a seasoned expert with nearly 20 years of experience in banking and investments, as our special guest once again. Having made significant contributions in Georgie and London, including his role as CRO at Georgia's third-largest bank. Together, we'll explore how embracing constant learning of new skills can drive innovation and progress within organisations.