3 for Thursday podcast series

Our digital learning division - Fmi.online - has been very busy creating a suite of podcasts 3 for Thursday. As the name suggests, every Thursday, a podcast is recorded where 3 aspects of a topical theme are explored about the financial services industry.

A library comprising 45 podcasts currently sit on the channel, so do check out our past recordings and be sure to follow the channel to listen to the latest podcast as they are released every Thursday.

3 for Thursday includes special guests and speakers drawn from a range of industries, companies and forums, each offering their expert views and insights related to the weekly subject.

The podcasts are available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts through the app store.

we are delighted to introduce 3 for Thursday ’s podcast series – 3 for Thursday – explores interesting topics in the financial services industry.

In this week’s podcast, our host Ryan Spendelow, Director at Fmi Online is here with Manish Advani, TEDx Speaker to discuss the top three reasons why digital networking is important.

Our back cataolgue of podcasts

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