As of 2025, Millennials will make up 75% of the average workforce

Yes, as of 2025, your workforce will predominantly be made up of Millennials. This will include every position, from roles at entry level all the way up to senior management and c-suite executives, meaning Millennials training should be a key focus of your 2024 workplace training.

Millennials will be your future leaders

Yes - in terms of succession planning, you should already be thinking about the future CEO or MD of your business, and the likelihood is, at some point, this person will be part of the Millennial generation.

As with all generations, not all Millennials are natural born leaders. The key here is to highlight talented individuals early on, and nurture them with training programmes.

These Millennial training programmes should also be catered towards succession planning where possible, in order to begin to prepare each candidate for future positions within your business. Millennials training is paramount in ensuring your employees have what it takes to positively impact the business.

Millennials seek training opportunities

In order to retain Millennial employees, it’s important to provide them with ample training opportunities. More than any other generation, Millennials value training and see this as an investment in their career on behalf of the employer, although traditional training methods won’t cut it. Ample training opportunities are often even valued above financial gain.

Millennials don’t want to be spoon fed or told what to do, they need to feel valued and trained in a way that suits them, and this includes utilising modern techniques such as microlearning and gamification in place of traditional corporate tick box based training exercises when it comes to Millennials training.

Increase your return on development

The age old query; ‘what if we train them, and they leave? But what if we don’t train them, and they stay?’

As stated above, Millennials are continually seeking training opportunities, and it’s important to look at training in terms of ‘return on development’ (ROD) as opposed to ‘return on investment’ (ROI).

As opposed to the initial financial burden of training programmes, it’s key to look at how said programmes can positively impact business growth and development.

An organisation where training and development is geared toward the Millennial mindset, in bite sized chunks and focussed on experience, will see higher retention and engagement levels amongst this generation.

Millennials have the potential to take your business to the next level

Whilst it may be a common recognition that Millennials lack commercial skills, given the right training, they really do have the ability to transform your business.

Their passion, motivation and drive for success sets them apart from other generations, and if nurtured correctly, this generation have what it takes to take your business to the next level.

Our approach to Millennials training in terms of engagement and retention offers bespoke solutions to companies of any size. Contact us today and start adding value to your workforce… and business!