As part of our continued partnership to provide experiential learning solutions for Deutsche Bank, we are thrilled to be playing a pivotal role in one of their latest projects: ‘Getting started in Germany: The Banking Introductory Programme For Refugees’.

Taking place in Frankfurt over August and September 2019, the programme serves to offer a unique opportunity for 40 participants with refugee status in Germany to gain valuable insights from industry experts on how the financial services sector operates in the country, as well as how to begin a successful career in the industry.

Here at MDA Training, we are delighted to once again be involved in two of the four modules of the programme.

We’ve outlined a little more about precisely what the programme is about below.

Deutsche Bank’s Introductory Programme For Refugees: What is it about?

The Banking Introductory Programme for Refugees consists of four modules:

  • Working in Germany
  • The financial sector (the role of banks within the industry)
  • A bank’s portfolio (how banks’ meet the needs of their corporate clients)
  • Starting a career in Germany

Each module is two days in duration, and each module is complemented with post-session exercises. Deutsche Bank also provide transport and accommodation for participants on the programme.

Each session is specifically designed to provide refugees with a cultural insight into the highly competitive financial services sector in Germany, along with how best to maximise career prospects in a competitive jobs market.

The programme further cements Deutsche Bank’s commitment to providing pathways and opportunities for talented refugees in Germany. According to research, since 2015, 4,000 Deutsche Bank employees in Germany have invested almost 7,000 days of their time to supporting over 430 refugee-related community projects.

For more information on the Banking Introductory Programme for Refugees, please visit Deutsche Bank’s website here.

MDA Training’s involvement

Module two, the financial sector, gives an overview of:

  • International finance sector
  • Deutsche Bank - it’s strategy and business divisions
  • The role technology is playing in the banking sector
  • A banking simulation which gives participants the opportunity of running four core areas of a bank; Corporate banking, Private banking, Investment banking, Asset management.

Module three, a bank’s portfolio, puts participants into the shoes of a corporate client running a simulated business. During four stages of a corporate lifecycle, they are able to access a full product range offered by a corporate bank to help them maximise the performance of their simulated business. Through the simulation, participants gain a sound understanding of the extensive product range Deutsche Bank’s offers its clients.

For more information on the full range of tailored training services we offer the banking sector, please click here.

We are incredibly excited to be working on this programme to unleash the potential of some of the most talented refugees in Germany. Fulfilling a variety of training needs, our work with Deutsche Bank serves as further proof of our commitment to providing world-class training solutions to one of the world’s leading banks.