We are thrilled to announce that our online resource centre ‘MDA Learning Lab’ is now available to access.

Full of articles, videos, statistics and more, our resource centre will serve as a hub of information related to learning and development in the workplace.

At MDA Training, our experiential learning solutions are tailored to the banking, manufacturing, insurance, service and asset management industries.

In our years of experience delivering programmes to market-leading companies all over the world, we have gained valuable insights and knowledge that enables us to continually improve our operations.

With all of the vital industry knowledge we have developed over the years, we are pleased to be able to collate and share it.

How does the Learning Lab work?

When you open the MDA Learning Lab, you will see our ‘featured’ resources, which will cover the latest topical subjects in the ongoing world of workplace training.

Below the featured resources will be the latest videos, articles and infographics produced by MDA Training.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a resource related to a specific professional sector or area of learning and development, you can use our search bar to find what you are looking for.

Why does the Learning Lab exist?

The MDA Learning Lab exists to provide an insight into the latest trends and topics related to workplace development and the challenges of business operations.

We have built up so much knowledge over the years across our entire business, and we feel it necessary to share it in one easy-to-navigate area.

Can I use resources from the MDA Learning Lab?

We encourage those who use the MDA Learning Lab to use the information freely either on their website, in an academic piece, or anything else. We do, however, ask that you link back to the resource centre when using the material.

How often will resources be added to the LearningLab?

We will be adding a range of useful resources and information to the Learning Lab on a continual basis.

To see how the MDA Learning Lab works: please watch this video: