Having a productive working environment is critical to the success of a business, along with ensuring that all employees are happy.

However, if you're finding that your employees are drifting away from time to time; resulting in a lack of productivity, it can be a sign that your employees are struggling to find the productive spirit that used to make them great.

It is said that employees are 12% more productive when they are working in a happy office environment so if you’re looking around your office and seeing a lot of unhappy faces, you may have to rethink your strategy.

For millennials, this is crucial. The transition from university to working full-time can be a challenging one, as finding a happy and productive office environment could be their main priority when looking for their first role.

If you believe that your office needs a bit of TLC to ensure that you have a happy working environment to increase your employees' productivity, these tips may be just what you’re looking for:

Don’t keep employees glued to their desks

There can be nothing worse than sitting in the same place for 7 and a half hours a day, while you slowly feel your eyes turning into squares from staring at a screen.

Regular breaks can help, which allow your employees to stretch from time to time or encourage them to take a small walk around the office space.

It’s important to give them the time to refresh their minds so that when they return to their desks, they are back in a productive mindset and can continue to produce great work for your company.

Give your employees positive feedback

A simple ‘good work’ from time to time does no harm to your employees, and acknowledging your employees' hard work will not go unnoticed! They will respect you more going forwards if you treat them more like a human and not just another number.

This will give your employees the boost they need so that they have more motivation to continue working on their daily tasks.

Provide continuous training and support

If your employees are sat at their desk twiddling their thumbs, it may be because they either don't have enough to do or their eager to do something new. Providing new training options to your employees will give them something to be excited about.

Whether it’s additional training in their expert field or a brand new skill that they’ve never dipped into, they’re bound to be motivated, thus encouraging them to prove to you that they are up for the challenge.

Organise regular social events

It’s important to remember that your employees are not a machine... so don't treat them like one. Organising regular company social events will encourage them to stay around and can improve working communication across the board.

This could range from organising your own bake-off style event in the office to celebrating a major company milestone after work hours or even incorporating ‘away days’ into the annual calendar.

It can be difficult for them to communicate from across the room, so give them the opportunity to speak with people who they don't usually speak to (whether it’s finding out more about their role or even just what they had for dinner last night).

Search for new training programmes

Here at MDA Training, we know the importance of developing a happy office environment whilse maintaining your employees' productivity.

From Millennials training to graduate training programmes, we will work continuously with you to recognise your training requirements, company problems, and your competency framework.