With many people set to graduate over the next couple of months, now is a great time to think about graduate training programmes.

A graduate training programme is a structured programme that combines working and training. The training usually lasts anywhere between 3 months to 3 years and after this time, graduates can be offered a permanent position.

Offering graduate training programmes can benefit your company in numerous ways, here’s why…

Ready to mould

Graduates are fresh out of university, meaning they are ready to be moulded into your perfect employee. Graduates are new to the workforce, meaning they are unlikely to have a firm working style. Therefore they are adaptable, with graduate training schemes, you can teach them the exact skills that are needed for the role. They can become just what you need, unlike hiring older employees.

Succession planning

Graduates often have a long-term plan to stay with a company, usually, they want to be on a graduate training programme to begin their career path, not just have a standard job.

A successful succession plan places importance on planning for a smooth change in managerial positions. Providing a career path for a graduate enables the possibility of them reaching management level within the firm and staying with your company.


Graduates start off on lower salaries than those who are experienced employees. Although they are paid less initially, their potential is huge, so whilst they are on the graduate training programme it is reasonable to pay them a smaller wage.

Once they have completed the scheme they will be worth the higher wage as they have been moulded into the kind of employee you need.

Correct placement

Offering graduate training programmes can not only save you money, but it also gives employers the opportunity to figure out where the graduate fits within the firm.

Degrees offer a broad knowledge of a subject, with graduate schemes they can better fit which department appeals to them the most, making the employee more cost-effective.

New ideas

In today’s society, new technologies are always being created or evolving. Usually, graduates are aware of the newest technologies and have extensive knowledge of how to use them. This means that graduates could potentially teach current employers something new.

Additionally, with graduates having new ideas and recently taught skills, they have the ability to increase competition in teams, leading to higher productivity.


Graduate training programmes offer the opportunity for companies to provide feedback to the graduate in order to make them a better employee. Although feedback can be given to anyone on any level, graduates are more likely to want to learn as they are aware of their position. This means that they can learn from their mistakes at an early stage of their career.

Additionally, graduates are fresh from education meaning they could offer suggestions to improve certain departments, thus meaning that a company can also learn from a graduate.

Improve brand perceptions

Offering graduate training programmes can increase brand awareness. It makes a company appear as though they want to offer people new opportunities and are willing to put the time into training employees, meaning the brand becomes an appealing option for employment.