Commercial skills can cover a range of expertise, from financial knowledge to interpersonal relationships, across a multitude of industries.

Training within commercial awareness now focuses predominantly on improving what the individual can bring to the business and their overall understanding of their company's presence in the marketplace. Companies should offer ongoing commercial skills training to ensure that employees are constantly aware of the current changes and public perception.

What is commercial awareness?

Commercial awareness encompasses the knowledge of how a company makes profit, customer perception and requirements and any significant problems within the business that are detrimental to success. With this understanding, companies can better understand the importance of commercial acumen and awareness within their workforce.

Through possessing essential knowledge of their employer's industry and the actions required to remain profitable, successful and ensure customers are happy, will boost internal commercial skills and benefit the overall business.

How is commercial awareness beneficial to employees and businesses?

Any awareness and further knowledge of the ambitions and targets that drive a company are beneficial to an employee and the business. Commercial awareness training ensures that your business actively ensures that your workforce is in the loop.

Through commercial skills training, your company can develop staff with improved industry knowledge that can encourage broader interest in the business. Furthermore, this can also increase an employee's likelihood of generating problem-solving ideas and beneficial insights.

Commercial skills training can assist in building future leaders within your organisation. Personal development supported by an overarching commercial awareness training programme will ensure that industry awareness becomes second nature.

Additionally, this will benefit your business as your staff will continually be improving, making them overall more capable, offer a better understanding of their role and ensure a deeper understanding of your firm.

How does this give you an edge over competitors?

Not only do commercial skills assist your staff in developing a deeper understanding of your business, but it also provides an insight into your competitor's activity.

A company that offers commercial awareness training ultimately has a higher number of eyes on the competition and greater scope of talent engrossed within their industry.

Competitor insights can provide invaluable information that can be incorporated into future strategies, learning from rival businesses mistakes and successes.

What specific skills do commercial skills include?

Commercial awareness skills can range from a variety of activities, from seminars to engage with customers, to achieve a better understanding of employers positioning in their industry.

Building skills such as decision making and pitching skills, ensure that your business builds future leaders that are equipped with tailored commercial skills, which will benefit your organisational requirements.

Finally, commercial skills training will ensure that your employees are always kept in the know about new technologies and trends that will affect both your business and competitors.

Commercial awareness skills are an important attribute for your employees and future leaders to possess. It is vital for businesses to offer commercial skills training to ensure employees are benefiting your organisation within competitive markets.