Every business in asset management will have varying needs, requirements and goals for their training programmes, aligned with the long term objectives and KPIs the company expects to meet.

Before focusing on a specific area of the business, however, leaders should be looking at the deliverance of their training as well as topics in which to focus on to maximise learning retention on an organisational scale and secure a return on investment.

Virtual learning can be utilised in asset management programmes to enhance the employee experience and improve operations long term. Compared to traditional forms of training, virtual methods allow employees to immerse themselves in a business situation, enabling them to make decisions in a risk-free environment.

So, how can specific virtual learning methods improve asset management training programmes?

Choosing the right virtual learning solution for your business

The term ‘virtual learning’ covers a vast range of methods, all of which are designed to engage and motivate employees. With so many methods to choose from, it is impossible for leaders to implement every single innovative technique. Therefore, taking the time to select the right methods can be beneficial in the long run.

Whether it’s videos, webinars, simulations, VR, or anything else, employees will learn best in different ways. An effective business leader will be able to choose and utilise a specific learning method that boosts capabilities in asset management.

Making virtual learning relevant to asset management

While new and innovative methods of training are exciting for employees, they can prove to be a waste of time and money if they do not serve their purpose. Especially in asset management, where client relationships and competition are as crucial as ever, training must be utilised in the best possible way.

Focusing on areas such as derivatives, fixed income and equities needs to be the primary focus of the training event, and the virtual learning methods should serve to complement and embed the learning in the workplace. Prioritising the mode of delivery over the actual skills required will ultimately make training pointless. Business leaders could and should be able to find the balance for this.

MDA Training’s approach to asset management training

Here at MDA Training, we can custom design virtual learning modules to meet the specific needs of asset management businesses. Working directly with our clients, we are able to maximise learning retention by creating a solution that motivates employees and embeds learning back in the workplace.

For more information, visit our section on asset management training courses here.

To break away from the traditional norm in favour of new, innovative training methods can be a big decision to make for business leaders in any sector, not just asset management. When implemented correctly, however, it can prove to enhance operations at every level of the business.