Many managers long for their employees to take on a task with confidence and the ability to use their own initiative.

However, in some cases, employees are reluctant to take ownership and instead ask lots of questions in the hope of delivering what is expected of them. It is thought that the approach managers adopt in terms of leadership style will ultimately reflect the empowerment employees will feel they have and strong leadership can enhance employee wellbeing and improve performance. Employees who feel empowered in the workplace are more likely to use their initiative or perform above a satisfactory level. If you feel your workforce aren’t feeling as empowered as you’d like them to, try implementing these 5 steps:

Communicate a vision

A vision statement describes where the company is going and how it intends to get there. A clear concise vision statement will motivate and inspire employees to work towards the same goal. All employees should also be made aware of exactly what is expected of them and how their roles will impact the overall goal of the vision statement.

Present new challenges to enable personal development and growth

Offering support and encouragement towards career development and goals will instil trust that your employees know you have their best interests in mind. New skills and development will also be beneficial to the company as a whole. Challenging employees will enable them to achieve and demonstrate their full potential. Occasionally taking an employee out of their comfort zone will help them to continue with personal and professional development.

Respect boundaries

Don’t be afraid to take a step back. Many employees recognise when they are being monitored and evaluated and find the added pressure detrimental to their productivity. Give your employees space and trust that in turn, they will involve you when and if they deem it necessary.

Allow flexibility

Flexibility in the workplace will show employees that you are understanding to other commitments they may have, for example, allowing a parent to work to a schedule that enables them to pick their children up from school. In some cases, employers can even bring in a ‘work from home’ option to help with travel expenses and long commutes.

Reward successful results and good efforts

Rewarding an employee for good work and results will not only boost their confidence, it will give them the motivation they need to continue striving for success and will also inspire their colleagues to work to the best of their ability.