We create world-class graduate training solutions for our banking clients to help them stand out in a competitive marketplace for graduate schemes.

At MDA Training, our tailored approach to graduate training ensures that our early careers events and programmes are set in the business and organisational context of your bank, building the skills necessary for your young talent to succeed and grow in their roles.

Our structured approach, that blends industry, products and interpersonal skills into one seamless development solution will provide your graduate new hires with the skills, insights and confidence to transition from academia into their banking careers.

Learning variety to engage graduates

We know that different people learn in different ways. As such, our learning solutions include a variety learning approaches to ensure all participants can meaningfully engage with the learning.

Our experiential approach to graduate training solutions, includes facilitator-led sessions blended with interactive activities such as our unique banking simulations, collaborative challenges, networking activities and competitive quizzes.

As specialists in early careers training, our expertise includes both recruitment and development of school and college leavers, apprentices, interns and graduates including:

  • Experiential recruitment events designed to help your bank stand out, attract and recruit diverse young talent
  • Interactive and engaging inductions that immerse new hires into your bank
  • Focused divisional training solutions that build practical skills and insights closely aligned to the business area new hires will be joining
  • CPD designed to support employees as their careers grow and help sustain key learning.

We are renowned for designing and delivering compelling learning solutions for early careers, challenging the all-too-common industry standard of module after module of slide presentations.

Instead, our learner-centred approach embraces gamification, creating a fun and memorable learning experience for new hires designed to engage them both intellectually and emotionally.

Transitioning your graduates into the workplace

As most graduates will attest, the move from student to employee is a big one. The step-up in responsibilities, the shift in demand and often workload can come as a shock to some.

Introducing a mix of banking, interpersonal and business/commercial skills into your bank’s graduate training programme can help transition your new hires into the world of work and build their confidence to contribute right away.

A well-structured graduate programme provides the opportunity for new hires to continue developing, building on the skills that they have previously learned on their degrees and refining them for the workplace.

Early in their careers, your graduates will likely be exposed to different roles and business areas in a short period of time.

What the various business areas do, how they work together to provide a seamless service to customers, and how the infrastructure functions of a bank work in the background to support the whole bank can often be quite overwhelming to a new hire.

For many of our clients, this is where our banking simulations work really well in the onboarding process, especially our Run the Bank Simulation.

In a safe and simulated environment, new hires rotate through various business area, for example, investment banking, private banking and global markets and gain first-hand experience of the challenges, the products and the types of clients each area serves.

Likewise, the operations and technology aspects can also be introduced into the banking simulation to provide a well-rounded view of your bank.

Through a banking simulation tailored to reflect your bank, your new hires learn-by-doing, offering them a more effective learning experience of how your banking operations really knit together.

Why choose MDA Training for your in-house graduate training programme?

For over 30 years we've provided training for some of the biggest names in the banking industry, but why should you choose us to provide training for your graduates? We can list a multitude of reasons such as our unique banking simulations, interactive digital activities, the quality of our design, flexibility in delivery virtual, hybrid or in person etc.

But these are just words. You would not buy a car without test driving it first, so why would you partner with us without experiencing one of our training events first?

That’s why we created ExperienceMDA. An opportunity for you to experience first-hand one of our learning solutions and judge for yourself whether our approach would suit your bank and your needs. If after the event, you would like to take things further then we would be delighted.

We also appreciate that you may want to keep with an existing supplier. As such, we are equally happy to work alongside any existing suppliers you have in place.

Quite often, our clients utilise us for one of our simulations or for an experiential induction, and then other training partners manage other aspects of the learning journey such as the follow-on divisional training. We are completely flexible in our approach and will support you in whatever capacity you require.

Contact us to explore how our training solutions can benefit your in-graduate scheme or your wider early careers events and programmes.