In teams, participants have to optimise resources to drive customer service and maximise commercial performance.

Working collaboratively as a team, they must respond to fundamental change and disruption in the marketplace and industry, adapting their business to deliver commercial results.

DigiPark can run as standalone simulation (half-day) or incorporated into a wider programme and blended with facilitator-led sessions around interpersonal and commercial skills to help reinforce the learning.

Our clients have used the simulation for:

  • Virtual team building – to enable employees located all over the world to network and build meaningful connections in a fun, engaging and experiential format
  • Management development – blended with a wider programme to explore interpersonal skills and effective communication and handling difficult conversations
  • Graduate development – to enable new hires to network as well as introduce them to key business concepts and interpersonal skills as part of their induction
  • Operations management – to help operations teams explore resource allocation and commercial decision making in an experiential format
  • Finance for non-financial managers – blended with a finance workshop to help bring the financial concepts alive - revenue, profit, cash flow and operational efficiency

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