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MDA Training statistics: One in three people leave their organisation within the first year

Workplace trends that will benefit your business long term


MDA Jan Blog 8 - Infographic

22% of Millennials desire learning benefits

The key here is they want training benefits to support them climbing their career ladders

19% want flexible work schedules

14% want cash bonuses

It’s clear that in 2017, these trends will continue as more millennials enter the workforce seeking training opportunities that they can leverage to climb the corporate ladder

Of almost 4,300 workers, 74% felt they weren’t achieving their full potential at work

1 in 3 people leave their organisation within the first year.

The cost of losing an employee in the first year can be up to three times their salary.

Invest in training early on to retain them.

7/10 people say that training and development

Training and development opportunities have a big influence in people’s decision to stay within a company

1 out of every 3 employees say that uninspiring content is a barrier to their learning




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