So many businesses will continue to operate in a way that has served them over several years, neglecting to introduce new processes and ways of thinking.

This is typically common in businesses that follow a traditional, hierarchical structure where managers pass on their insights to employees further down the chain. Ultimately, a lack of strategic and adaptive thinking is holding so many businesses back.

In order to embrace innovation as well as a focus on developing new processes based on market trends and disruptions, business leaders must create a working environment that challenges the conventional norm. This will allow creative thinking and agile mindsets to come to the forefront.

So, how can businesses ensure that they are not damaging operations with rigid mindsets?

Adopting a growth mindset over a fixed mindset

Developing a growth mindset throughout the workplace is something that has previously been discussed in our guide on how embracing mistakes and failure can improve the commercial skills of your workforce.

Put simply; a fixed mindset is one that rejects change and alternative ways of thinking. In regards to maintaining business continuity, adopting this mindset can prove to be incredibly damaging as both leaders and other employees are not given the opportunity to improve their internal methods.

In contrast, a growth mindset will foster and develop new ways of strategic thinking in line with commercial considerations such as market trends and competitor analysis. Ways that leaders can introduce and maintain an agile mindset of growth include:

  • Introducing enhanced communication networks throughout the entire business
  • Giving employees more responsibility to make business decisions
  • Regular reflection of specific processes and ways of thinking

Tailoring the workplace environment to the needs of employees

The traditional, formulaic process of the working world has been flipped on its head entirely. Now more so than ever, employees want more flexibility to make business decisions that will inherently benefit the company.

According to a report by Salesforce, employees who feel their voice is heard at work are nearly five-times (4.6X) more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work, thus boosting productivity and profitability.

Particularly for Millennials, who are typically more motivated by opportunities for growth and development when compared to previous generations, creating an environment that is inclusive, as well as progressive, can be vital in improving learning retention on an organisational scale.

MDA Training’s approach to developing an agile mindset

Here at MDA Training, we understand the need to make robust and strategic decisions in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Leaders now have a responsibility to create an environment for their employees to be able to think and make better quality business choices.

Our ‘Strategic Decision Making Skills Programme’ can be applied to businesses in a range of professional sectors, including banking, insurance, service and manufacturing. The programme encourages employees to embrace an agile mindset, turning threats into opportunities.

In terms of delivery, we focus on seven key areas of development:

  • Mindset and culture
  • Strategic thinking
  • Decision making
  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Tools and techniques
  • Digitalisation and technology

For a full breakdown, please download our agile thinking development cycle here.

The key to embracing growth and creativity in the workplace begins with the right mentality. Without encouragement and a platform to bring new ideas and ways of thinking to the forefront, it is unlikely that processes will improve in the long run.

By adopting and maintaining a culture of continual improvement, rigid mindsets will begin to be replaced by agile mindsets, thus ensuring a positive working environment for all.