It has been suggested that in fewer than four years, employers will seek employees with a very different skill set than that of today’s workforce.

The future of the workplace and how it will look is under constant discussion, however, employers should be concerning themselves with the future of the workforce and how it will look.

We have researched the future skills your employees will need for the success and survival of your business in 2020.


At the rate in which technology changes, it is understandable then to assume there will be a need for a workforce that can quickly and effectively take on new skills as technology moves into the main focal point of the business.

Along with technology, there will be a requirement for employees to have the flexibility to move offices and locations at a rapid rate.

Content and storytelling abilities over spreadsheets

Although data will still be a big part of future workplace skills, the ability to convert statistics and data into a story to convince clients and customers of a particular course of action will also be required. Therefore, the ability to convey data-driven proof in a narrative way will be of the utmost importance.


Although in today’s workforce creativity is a desirable skill, it will reportedly become one of the top 3 skills that employers look for in their employees in 2024.

Due to constant technological advancements that will continue to affect the future workforce, employers will be in need of creative people to decipher ways to apply new technology and create new products and services.

Complex problem solving

A favourite skill within today’s workforce, problem-solving, will still be at the forefront of businesses in 2023. Even though technology has influenced the way in which problems are solved with the use of data, the basic skills of being able to solve complex problems will still be an important requirement of the future workforce.

Emotional intelligence

Even within today’s workplace, we can see how the latest technologies have begun to take over roles that would have been completed by employees in previous years, and although this is only set to increase, computer technologies are still unable to complete some jobs in the way employees can. In 2024 the need for emotional intelligence will be even greater, with employers requiring employees that have the ability to understand and react in certain ways to customers.

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