1 Virtual Reality

Put simply, virtual reality (VR) is a computer-based technology that is capable of stimulating a 3D image or environment for the user to interact with. 

When it comes to workplace learning methods, VR adds a level of realism to learning experiences and can be accessed at any time, proving to be particularly beneficial for employees who typically work away from a desk.

2 Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is widely tipped to create a huge impact in the world of workplace learning in 2024 and is being adopted into training programmes as recognition of its effectiveness increases across the globe.

AI is typically utilised to assist employees in several areas, including managing and booking processes, streamlining onboarding strategies and enhancing specific security measures.

There are a number of benefits associated with artificial intelligence and machine learning in the workplace, including:

  • Improved digitalisation
  • Reinforcement of information
  • Accurate and efficient results and analytics
  • Enhanced productivity

3 Group coaching

Creating and maintaining a positive workplace environment is incredibly difficult without effective communication networks in place. Each employee needs to be able to voice any opinions or issues they may have in order to make the business a better place in which to work. Fortunately, group coaching in the workplace is becoming vastly more popular when it comes to achieving this.

Group coaching allows people to connect with one another and develop stronger bonds as a team while gaining valuable insights from each other, thus benefiting general operations.