While traditional workplace training programmes are typically conducted in-house, investing in external training suppliers can be the key to unlocking employee potential.

With new and innovative ways to improve learning retention continually emerging, it can be difficult for business leaders to keep up with developments in order to maximise return on investment from their programmes. Training suppliers can help to ease this burden, drawing on the latest technologies to make learning fun and engaging for all.

As well as drawing on the latest methods, industry-leading training suppliers typically offer complete flexibility to allow businesses to construct a programme specifically suited to their long term goals and KPIs.

We’ve listed three key areas where training suppliers are beneficial compared to in-house programmes below.

A fresh outlook on workplace training

Traditional businesses will more than likely rely on training materials that have served them for many years. While these programmes will be renowned for serving all purposes, they are likely to be outdated as business leaders may be stuck in their ways and reluctant to embrace new processes. This can ultimately harm productivity as they are missing out on new ideas in which to train their staff more effectively.

External training suppliers will work with business leaders to ascertain precisely what they’d like to focus on throughout their programmes and implement a training solution to meet specific needs.

By utilising several modern methods, a suitable training supplier will open new avenues for businesses to explore to guarantee a return on investment, whether that be in a financial sense, in terms of productivity or anything else the company requires. Embracing new insights from workplace training experts can save a business time and money long term.

Complete flexibility in workplace training programmes

It is a common misconception that hiring a training supplier to conduct a workplace training course will be inefficient for employees and the broader company. The best suppliers will ensure that a programme is taking place at a location and time best suited to the business, and for a length of time that is appropriate in order to maximise retention.

As well as flexibility in terms of location, an effective external training programme will enable employees to develop their skills in areas directly related to the business. Training suppliers will take the time to get to know how the business is run, and what makes it successful along with any areas where improvements could be made.

Access to innovative learning materials

Industry-leading training suppliers possess years of experience in researching how employees react to different stimuli, and this forms the foundations of their training processes for several professional industries. From this research, innovative learning methods have come into fruition, which businesses can take advantage of to secure a significant return on investment.

Whether it’s interactive webinars, virtual learning, artificial intelligence or any other modern form of training that can be used by employees across an entire hierarchy, the right supplier will give a business access to several platforms and allow them to proceed with a solution that benefits all. With technology becoming increasingly involved in everyday processes, embracing the digitalisation of training can prove to be extremely advantageous long term.

At MDA Training, our experiential learning courses incorporate the specific needs of our clients, which allows us to provide a tailored solution to improve engagement and retention long term. For more information on the training programmes we offer, view our services here.

In essence, a training programme should be used as an opportunity to ensure that employees are working toward the same goal of long term continuity. While business leaders may be reluctant to entrust these programmes with an external training supplier, it can prove to be the difference in securing progression for employees of all ages and backgrounds for the years to come.