HR is crucial to the success of any business with employees proving to be one of the highest costs to a company, and it is important to make sure recruitment, retention, development and employee well-being strategies are airtight.

From ensuring workplace training which regularly develops skills and experiential training that puts your employees in a position to learn before they 'do' in an interactive environment, investments in your people have never been more important.

People analytics

Understanding your people can lead to a better application of workplace practises and training. People analytics allows your HR department to make data-driven decisions, both in regards to the business and the employees. Personal data and its interpretation and application should now begin to form the core component for your HR plan and should be passed on to those who create your workplace training. Overall, customised and bespoke training proves to be much more effective than generic development materials, so this data is highly valuable.

Cultural development

As a key part to the success of any business, workplace training should focus on promoting a healthy, happy, supportive culture. Workplace training is the optimum opportunity to bring people together, ensure that the key components of a positive environment are reinforced and understood and a great time to encourage team building.

Employee wellbeing

Wellbeing is crucial to the overall success of any workplace, with a big shift in the importance placed on employee mental health and wellbeing in recent years. New regulations and government schemes have spurred workplaces to consider physical and mental wellbeing when considering how they can support their employees and further develop a stronger workplace capability.

Employee experience

The employee experience is the term that is given to the complete set of interactions than the employee has with a company. This can include brand representation, recruitment, internal policies, culture and training and development. HR can ensure an overall optimised employee experience when they understand what makes their employees loyal to your brand, your business and eventually evolve into brand advocates.

Environment optimisation

Although not always in the control of HR, they should consider the overall environment in which their employees are working and look at how this can influence their mood, productivity and attitude to their job. Where possible, HR should interject when it comes to building more effective environmental surroundings, identifying the types of improvements that can be made in line with any budget restrictions.

Training on demand

One of the key developments, which should be implemented in every workplace, is training on demand. Employees can fit the training around their requirements, learn flexibly and ensure that they are comfortable with the speed at which the course material is progressing. Learning management systems and other key technologies are here to make this much easier, and working with a training provider such as MDA Training ensures that your workplace training is completely bespoke and highly relevant.