Employees in the banking sector will use the skills they learn from day one to help them succeed long term, which ultimately highlights the importance of effective early careers development.

For this year at least, however, the worldwide economic disruption caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic will change the way that graduates, interns and new hires are onboarded and integrated within the business.

From a global perspective, banks appear to be navigating these challenges differently. While many appear to be delaying graduate programmes and internships, some are even cancelling programmes altogether, with the crisis judged to be “crumbing youth employment prospects.”

At MDA Training, we firmly believe that early careers training and development for bankers can and should take place.

That is why we have branched out our digital offering to provide businesses with experiential learning solutions that are delivered using virtual learning

Perfect for graduates, interns or general onboarding, we are able to enhance existing programmes or design an induction course that is memorable and rich in learning.

How can early careers training be carried out virtually?

Traditional early careers and graduate training programmes will give experienced business leaders an opportunity to engage with their new hires and immerse them within the values, contexts and standards expected at the bank. They also give employees a change to familiarise themselves with their new surroundings.

There are connotations associated with e-learning that employees will stare at a screen and be expected to remember the information they are given. However, the advancement of online tutoring and learning has allowed digital training to replicate in-person methods through:

  • Online simulations
  • Virtual Q&As with training consultants
  • Group activities and workshops conducted on video conferencing software
  • Virtual forum theatres.

In fact, virtual learning and e-learning methods are now reported to increase retention rates by up to 60%.

Now that banks are being forced to adapt their training methods for both new hires and experienced employees, it is imperative that, if early careers development is to continue, that the best methods are being used to secure a return on investment and prepare the latest generation for their new roles.

MDA Training’s virtual solutions for early careers in banking

As mentioned above, our portfolio of interactive digital activities, online simulations and facilitator-led virtual sessions are designed to assist early careers development.

From running a simulated bank to pitching with confidence and dealing with disruption and change, we tailor our solutions to the contexts of your business,

Delivered via WebEx or Zoom, our specialist consultants act as facilitators in building product and industry skills - creating memorable and engaging training events that will set your employees up for the rest of their careers.

To see examples of a typical course in action please, download our early careers programmes sheet here, or watch the video below: