Less traditional methods of workplace training are becoming increasingly popular within organisations worldwide.

Millennials are the future of the workplace so it is becoming more and more important to offer training in order to allow them to excel within their role and embody them with the right skills for the future.

Millennials have different learning needs to those from older generations, the fact they have grown up in the digital age, around mobile phones and other technologies means that microlearning could be a great method to successfully train your younger employees. Here's why...

Short bursts of learning

Microlearning works by offering videos and snippets of information, that can be digested in around 4 or 5 minutes, this allows learners to get straight to the point. This is particularly relevant to the millennial generation.

For example, according to Consumer Insights by Microsoft Canada, the average person in today’s society can only pay full attention for 8 seconds. This shows that because millennials have grown up in a generation where they can get immediate answers for anything due to the internet, their generation and others to follow require a different learning style.

Learn on the go

Microlearning can be done digitally, and on any device, meaning millennials can learn anytime throughout the day via their smartphone, tablet, or laptop. This means learning can work around the employee's existing schedule, and with millennials opting for more flexible schedules, microlearning can be a great way to offer training. Check out our previous blog for more information on what millennials want in the workplace.

Keep track of progress

Microlearning creates small achievable goals due to its compartmental nature. Many find a full day of workplace training overwhelming with too much information being taught at once; making it unclear for them to define what they have learned.

Microlearning offers an alternative to people who feel this way, as they can choose the subject they want to learn about and complete training as and when it suits them.

By 2025, 75% of the workforce will be made up of millennials. This means that millennials training is a crucial element to help your business expand into the future.

Not only does microlearning benefit millennials, but it is also a cost-effective tool as it can be done quickly and on a budget, and out of working hours.