The Millennial generation signifies a change in outlook when it comes to work, and this is reflected in their preferred learning and development methods.

We understand that training Millennials can sometimes feel like a daunting task, even if you yourself fall into that demographic… but it’s important to remember that as of 2025, 75% of the average workforce will be made up of Millennials; and in order to continue training and developing your employees successfully, you need to embrace their way of working… or be left behind for employers that will! We’ve compiled our top 5 things you need to know when training Millennials below:

Flexible learning is important when training millennials

Similarly to their preference of flexible working hours and environments; flexible learning is of high importance when training millennials, meaning traditional corporate training methods don’t cut it.

When it comes to millennials training, incorporating bite-sized learning modules known as micro-learning alongside digitally focused exercises is the best way to get them actively engaging with the training you wish to provide.

Give your millennials the option to learn on-demand and at their own pace, but remember - alongside this less rigid approach, they expect regular feedback and are constantly looking to improve.

Embrace technology

Millennials are digital natives. Technology is imprinted into their daily lives, and as such, you should embrace technology as much as possible when focusing on Millennials training, with handwritten and long-winded exercises seen as both uninspiring and disengaging.

Embracing technology also goes hand in hand with personalisation, allowing individual employees to complete tasks and components in their own preferred order and even utilise their own preferred methods, whether that be via gamification or simply mobile learning. Find out more about embracing technology within your training programmes here: [link]


The millennial generation wants information to be condensed as much as possible, and as such, when it comes to training and development, bite-sized chunks of information known as micro-learning work best.

These short, sharp sections work perfectly alongside flexible learning, allowing them to fit training in and amongst their usual daily tasks and hobbies, rather than blocking out hours at a time.

Continuous training

There’s a common misconception that Millennials embody a feeling of entitlement within their working lives, but the truth is, they really seek continuous engagement, and that goes for training also.

Within the Millennial generation, continuous training is of higher regard than financial gain - they are constantly looking to improve both in a personal and professional capacity.

Encourage collaboration within millennials training

It’s a well-known fact that Millennials prefer collaborative working environments, and the same goes for training Millennials, meaning the individual learning methods favoured by traditional corporate training programmes can prove ineffective.

Allowing your Millennials to collaborate, knowledge share and engage with one another takes the pressure off and will open up their full potential.

Our approach to Millennials training offers bespoke solutions to companies of any size. Contact us today and start adding value to your workforce… and business!