From our previous blog instalments, we have discussed how millennials will transform the workplace and how businesses need to be able to effectively adapt to the changes they will bring or risk being left behind.

Millennials feel that lifelong learning is the key to happiness and they want to experience as much training as possible and we believe this needs to be addressed within every workplace.

Who are Millennials?

  • They are born between 1980 - 2000
  • They are truly the first digital generation, whose unique life experiences have changed the way we live and work and consume, it is even reported that the lifestyles and attitudes of this generation are a fundamental cause of the rapidly changing world.
  • Currently, they make up a quarter of the UK population with the estimation of them increasing to 17 million by 2019.
  • In 2015, they took over the population in baby-boomers making them the largest generation in western history.
Millennials expect a different format for training than traditional L&D departments have provided for previous generations. Here’s what you need to know when training millennials:

Keep up-to-date with technology

It is important to understand the educational path that a Millennial has taken, they have never known an educational environment that has not been subject to constantly changing technology. Millennials should be presented with e-learning and digital programmes designed online for laptops, tablets and mobiles that can be accessed on the go.

Millennials want coaching

Millennials appreciate feedback and advice. In fact, it is reported that 95% work harder when they know where their work is going. Known as the ‘instant gratification generation’ feedback should be as prompt as possible. They want to work in an environment where they are supported and valued by managers, which will lead to increased productivity and valued relationships.


As previously stated, Microlearning is perfect for the Millennial generation. Although it is widely known that they love to learn, they are often known for displaying a distinctive learning style. It can be said that in Millennials hyperconnectivity has caused quick-thinking and multitasking, however, this has also driven them to settle for quick choices and lack of patience. This would then suggest adapting to these attributes, training and development resources should be brief and concise. Microlearning is a great resource that can effectively be utilised when training Millennials. Simply, it’s the process of learning in smaller steps. It deals with relatively small learning units and can be considered as the planned organisation of small learning experiences designed to meet an overall learning goal.

Offer ongoing training

Millennials feel the urgency to continue learning and development throughout their career, they are not satisfied with training to solve a problem, instead, they want to work in an environment where they are constantly challenged and encouraged to advance their knowledge and skills. Ongoing training will develop happy and fulfilled employees that will constantly strive to improve their own personal development and the development of your company.