Training employees is not just beneficial to individual growth but to the success of your business as a whole.

Inadequate training of graduate employees could lead to job dissatisfaction and ultimately, a higher staff turnover.

Each new hire within your business is never a guaranteed success. It is never a given that the candidate that you hire will be a hardworking, creative, ambitious individual who complements your team entirely. However, through comprehensive training, you can mould a new individual into the employee you require.

Set out a clear and concise plan

Ensure you create a comprehensive plan of action, detailing the different sections of training your new employee will be completing. Outlining the learning and development outcomes from each section will ensure your new employee will understand exactly what is expected of them and how it will improve their role.

Include other employees as much as possible

It is unrealistic to give your new recruits the attention they require on your own. Encouraging the help of your workforce by delegating some of the smaller training tasks to your experienced employees will not only take the pressure off yourself, but it will also encourage the new recruit to interact with their new work colleagues which will again build their confidence and communication within the team.

Make use of the different training styles

Not every employee will have the same learning style. It is important to understand how each individual learns best. For example for the more practical, hands-on, visual learner, experiential training may be required to enable them to take on their role in a more realistic practical situation. Microlearning can also be used when individuals may feel overwhelmed by their training objectives. Microlearning splits training programs into smaller more manageable chunks that your new recruit can complete as and when they are required.

Understand the different levels of learning

As we have suggested, not all recruits will learn in the same way and the same can be said for the time in which it may take individuals to learn. If you are training a group of new recruits at any one time be sure to understand the different abilities. Some may require more help than others especially when it comes to technological resources.

Need help training your new recruits?

Here at MDA Training, we understand how to nurture and develop your employees. Our tailored training programmes ensure each demographic and skill set is taken into account in order to produce the best possible outcome and subsequent return on investment.