A new year provides business leaders with new opportunities to develop the skills of their workforce in order to improve productivity.

With this in mind, we have compiled three of the most important trends that those in management should prioritise when training their employees to improve engagement and achieve success long term.

Blended learning 

Blended learning is designed to offer flexibility in how people learn by mixing traditional face-to-face classroom-based workshops and experiential simulations with online and mobile interventions.

Also referred to as ‘hybrid’ education, blended learning is a dynamic training solution where learners can engage and interact with the learning solution in a way tailored to their preferred learning style or format.

Embracing extensive online and mobile technology and platforms, blended learning solutions can transform and improve a participant’s learning journey.


The term ‘microlearning’ refers to micro-perspectives in the context of learning, education and training, dealing with relatively small learning units and short-term activities. Microlearning is often used when referring to more contemporary elements of e-learning.

Where e-learning modules are typically designed to be around 20-30 minutes long, with microlearning, the duration is closer to 3-4 minutes.

With a learner first approach, microlearning allows trainers to deliver short learning experiences designed to meet a long term learning goal, over a timeframe geared to best suit the learner.

Mobile learning

Mobile learning does what it says on the tin, allows learners to learn via a mobile device or tablet. With the ever-increasing use of tablets and smartphones, the demand for mobile learning is growing fast. Mobile learning offers participants the ability to learn flexibly on the go and around their work and personal life.

More and more employees are undertaking work away from the workplace or office and utilising modern communication methods and technologies.

Add to that the increasing number of employees that are starting to move toward more flexible working hours and mobile learning is the perfect platform to deliver training assets to these learners.

It also allows employees to learn at their own pace and tailors training to fit an employee’s needs and availability at any given time.