Run The Bank Simulation

In this unique, market leading simulation, participants are introduced to the different divisions of your bank. They look at each area in terms of the key performance indicators and the customers and services that the bank provides to drive that performance. The simulation can be tailored to your specific divisions such as retail and consumer banking, investment banking (markets and corporate finance), wealth and asset management and corporate banking.

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A Tried & Tested Solution For Early Careers Onboarding

In teams, participants rotate through each business area of your bank, gaining first-hand experience of client needs and the bank products/solutions, whilst considering the importance of your bank’s infrastructure divisions. The simulation clearly demonstrates the interrelationships between divisions, infrastructure, values and strategy in delivering commercial success.

Delivering Targeted Learning Outcomes…

How each area of your bank operates...

How each area of your bank operates and how they contribute to bank’s overall performance

The role of infrastructure...

The role of infrastructure in supporting all areas of your bank

The role of technology in banking...

The role of technology in banking and how it is changing the landscape of banking

The values and culture of your bank...

The values and culture of your bank and how they should be applied

The key clients of each area of your bank...

The key clients of each area of your bank and how your banking products and solutions support your clients

How collaboration across the bank drives better performance...

How collaboration across the bank drives better performance outcomes and breaks down siloed thinking

The important role of risk management...

The important role of risk management in helping to control the risk exposure of your bank

Tailored To Your Bank’s Business Areas

You have complete flexibility to focus on the business areas that reflect your bank, including…

Overview: Participants are required to manage a balanced fund against a client determined benchmark. They must decide their tactical asset allocation across cash, fixed income and equity asset classes, based on their client’s investment objectives and risk appetite and supported by economic and sector news flow.

KPIs reviewed: Relative performance versus benchmark, high level attribution analysis, risk adjusted performance e.g. information ratio.

Asset Management | MDA Training


Overview: Participants undertake an activity which involves reviewing a series of loan documents. They are required to decide whether they would support each loan request or not. The loan documents cover Retail, Private Banking and Wealth Management customers.

KPIs reviewed: Percentage of loans approved, size of loan book, funding of loan book (e.g. depositors and wholesale funding, non-performing loan percentage.

Private Banking | MDA Training

Overview: Participants process a series of transactions including FX transactions, letters of credit, coupon payments on bonds, clearing and settlement of securities trading. They are required to process the transactions in an accurate and timely manner.

KPIs reviewed: Speed and accuracy of transaction processing (demonstrated by an industry ranking).

Corporate Banking | MDA Training

Overview: The simulation focuses on the fixed income and currencies side of the investment banking. Participants are provided with a series of agency and risk trades that they need to execute on behalf of clients. The more successful they are in executing the trades the more client orders that they have access to, and the greater the value of commissions earned. They have the option to act in a principal trade capacity with the risk orders.

KPIs reviewed: Trades executed, commissions earned, risk trades taken on to book.

Investment Banking | MDA Training

Overview: In the simulation, teams advise their clients on M&A projects. They need to identify targets, approach the company’s advisors and negotiate the bid price. The bidding is competitive and they must be careful not to overpay.

KPIs reviewed: Number of deals arranged, Advisory fees earned.

Investment Banking | MDA Training

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