Risk Management Simulation

Our Risk Management Simulation highlights the importance of robust risk controls and that everyone has an active role to play in managing risk. In this interactive simulation, participants explore risk management by managing a business operation exposed to a number of operational risks. Tasked to deliver an acceptable return, they have the option to consider a range of additional controls which they must make an active business decision, based on information presented.

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Asset Management
Corporate & Commercial Banking
Investment Banking


1-hour to 1-day



Helps To Highlight The Importance Of Effective Risk Controls

The simulation helps to highlight that investing in risk management controls is no different from any other business decision and should be assessed on a cost versus return basis. In the simulation, participants are introduced to three different product lines, all within the risk appetite of the bank, that they could offer customers. In deciding their approach, participants must perform a high-level risk and return analysis prior to selecting the product they wish to deliver. They are then introduced to additional risk controls that they can choose to invest in, or not, given how robust they think their existing controls are. However, they must weigh this decision up in the context of aiming to deliver against a specific perfomance target.

A Flexible Simulation For Risk Management Training

In-person, Virtual Or Self-led Learning

In-person, Virtual Or Self-led Learning

We have a digital and a physical version of this simulation. The digital version offers a great solution for In-person, Virtual Or Self-led delivery. The physical version is a great fit for in-person events, and immerses participants into a learning experience where they get to feel and experience risk. It is also great for networking, collaboration and effective teamworking.

Flexible Duration: 1-Hour to 1-Day

Flexible Duration: 1-Hour to 1-Day

The simulation is approx. 1-1½ hours in duration. Depending on your needs, you can choose to utilise as a ‘simulation only’ option or we can blend facilitator-led sessions around the simulation to help embed key risk frameworks and messaging.

You Choose How It Is Deployed

You Choose How It Is Deployed

Our Risk Management Simulation can run as a standalone event or blend with an existing programme you may already have in place.

Tailored To Your Audience

Tailored To Your Audience

The simulation offers a good fit for early careers inductions and new hire onboarding programmes. It is also a great solution for CPD as part of an introduction to risk programme where key messages need to be communicated and embedded.

Aligned To Your Bank's Risk Frameworks

Aligned To Your Bank’s Risk Frameworks

The simulation follows a logical risk management process that can seamlessly be apply to your internal framework. However, the simulation can also be tailored to mirror your specific framework, wording and messaging.