Here at MDA Training, delivering bespoke, experiential learning programmes and activities for businesses all over the world is at the heart of everything we do. Now that many companies are limited in the sense that their employees are working from home, being able to go out and deliver these sessions has become inherently more difficult.

Where we’re concerned, not being able to deliver our programmes in the classroom or the office doesn’t mean that we have to slow down, or even halt to a standstill.

In fact, we pride ourselves on being flexible and versatile in our methods to achieve the goal of effective workplace development for our clients.

Rather than wait for the coronavirus pandemic to ease and begin delivering in-person training again, we have reacted to this simulation by further boosting our digital resources and online learning solutions. This way, we remain in a position to do what we do best; delivering training that makes a difference.

Particularly in the banking sector, where our ‘Run The Bank’ business simulations give new hires a key insight into the development of the banking industry as well as the specific structure of the bank in which they work, running digital programmes ensure that learning and development can continue.

MDA Training’s Digital ‘Run The Bank’ Simulation

Our ‘Run The Bank’ simulation for the banking industry gives participants the opportunity to rotate around the divisions of their bank and experience for themselves the impact of each division on general performance, balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements.

In addition, it provides new entrants with an insight into the bank’s infrastructure, customers and products while demonstrating the crucial roles that infrastructure and technology functions both play in delivering world-class services to customers and clients.

While this simulation typically blends a mix of virtual, digital and in-house training techniques, we are currently working to be able to deliver this simulation to cater to the needs of the remote workforce.

For us, the barriers and obstacles put in place by social distancing measures should not serve as a distraction from invaluable tools for employee development.

For more information on our ‘Run The Bank’ simulation, please click here.

Our digital and e-learning solutions during the coronavirus pandemic

As well as continuing to deliver experiential activities, we are hard at work developing our customer-centric banking solutions to strengthen communications for remote workers and embed key messages on an organisational scale.

Similarly, we have recently launched the ‘MDA LearningLab’, our online resource centre full of statistics, videos, infographics and much more related to learning and development.

Our experts in underwriting and financial matters are regularly updating our YouTube channel with informative video content ranging from SME Survival Tips during COVID-19 to cash flow conservation. Visit our YouTube channel for more information.

We are firm believers that learning and development should not be disregarded during these times of uncertainty.

The businesses that react to the current economic situation and ensure that their employees are up to speed will essentially be the ones that show stronger signs of recovery when we begin to enter a new normal.

Where banks are concerned, the need to provide effective and relevant workplace training, especially for new hires confined to working from home, is critical to ensuring continuity in the long run.